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It’s been a while since I posted about live so I thought I’d write an update. Earlier in the week, I had my Navispam encounter which turned out more detrimental for my pixellated body for a change. I’ve also been farming a few items in Outland dungeons; namely Anzu and some transmog pieces. So far, I’ve managed to get a couple of the items already – the helm and weapon but the shoulders still elude me.

Someone’s critter happy… not me, my pet

Mc’ed with no one around

Now and then, I’m still farming for the fox in Tol Barad but no luck yet.

I think my ooze needs to go on a diet

I don’t normally post incomplete mog outfits but this was just to illustrate what I’ve been up to lately.

Since Blizzard plans on adding more things to the Faire, I’ve continued with my dailies, even though I’ve bought all the pets and mounts already.

Lastly, I’m excited about the LBR in two weeks as I’m excited about collecting my fragments again. :D

By the way, I hope everyone affected has changed their passwords and updated their mobile authenticators already – esp. on US servers after Blizzard’s security breach. If you haven’t yet, what are you waiting for?

Pet Battles Aggression

Pet Battles Aggression

With all the bugs and testing for Pet Battles lately, I’ve found what started as a bit of extracurricular fun has turned into something more. Yesterday, I wrote about the Wild Pets of Cataclysm and how the Twilight Fiendling was the most difficult to capture. What I didn’t mention were the several close calls I had that day. One close encounter involved my last pet which was almost dead and the third aggressive pet which was almost dead. I had won the match but about a second later, my pet had died from dots as I was coming out of the battle so as a result, my captured Twilight Fiendling was lost. A little bit later, it was another really close match but my last pet died before I could get the last hit or so on the other team. This was the same story for a while…

Here’s where I start to feel aggressive – during those kinds of Pet Battles. You know the scene at the end of Karate Kid 2 where the other Sensei commands Johnny to “Finish Him” just before Daniel crane kicks him in the head? I find myself muttering the same thing to my active pet when it’s a particularly tough match or a pet I really want.

If I’m lucky, I might even do a little fist pump on my successful capture :P

The mini patch we had yesterday has done some really wacky things to Pet Battles. Some things are fixed like the higher level pets on capture are now been weakened by 2 levels (as intended). Some of the daily quests are working again and I finally managed to get that worg pet in Howling Fjord. However, I went to Stranglethorn Vale today to see if any baby apes had spawned and they finally had. So having 3 pets ranging from 19-20 in my team and trying to capture a parrot who was only level 9 proved to be difficult as my pets seemed to do no damage after a while. Not only that but my consecutive attempts at trapping (which went to about 15) did not result in a capture but this same level 9 ended up finishing my 3 pets off. Something is obviously very wrong there but you only have to read the forums to see a lot of people are having similar problems.

But again, this is beta so bugs like this are to be expected.

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