Latest Changes to Pet Battles

The last build resulted in a few changes in relation to Pet Battles.

[bluequote author=”Mumper” link=”″ source=””]We have made a few adjustments to the both the weakened by capture pets and the overall XP curve. Details below!

  • Catching any pet level 15 or under retains its current level.
  • Catching a level 16-20 pet will lose 1 level.
  • Catching a level 21-25 pet will lose 2 levels.
  • We have dramatically reduced the XP required to level for pets after level 10.

We have reduced the cool down to 10m in the next build. Don’t forget you can get single use heals in the Sack of Pet Supplies from the Tamer dailies as an alternative to using the Stable Master or your Revive spell.

Finally, the cool-up’s that we added to the heal spells (both the player and stable master) are to deal with exploit cases of players using multiple characters/accounts to avoid cooldowns. We used 3 minutes as a baseline since most players can fly to one in that amount of time from pretty much anywhere on a full speed mount.[/bluequote]

Before I even saw this, I noticed that the pets I was capturing in Outlands were not the level I had fought. This is somewhat annoying in the fact that at the moment, I have been trying to beat the Outlands Grand Master which is a very tough fight in itself as all the Grand Masters use elite pets in their teams. That’s understandable. However, the pets I need to fight in this case are nowhere near that level. This is where the problem occurs.

Now if the reason was due to the fact that they hadn’t implemented the Northrend Battles yet, then I would be ok with that but there has not been such a steep incline in other Grand Master battles as this one. Part of the problem seems to be the limited pets available (if any) at around the 15-24 mark.

The levelling feature was rather fun at first but it’s become a lot like how levelling pets used to be before they made the change to hunter tames which meant that taming a level 10 pet (back in the day) when you were an 60 hunter would mean a lot of grinding to get that pet up to your level.

Today I managed to capture several pets in Cataclysm zones, only to find that my captured pets were downranked FOUR levels as opposed to the intended 2. OUCH!

Other changes include:

  • a third chat tab for Pet Battles
  • Pet quality is now displayed in chat upon successful capture
  • every time I summon my cat, the skin randomises

This is a great change as it’s an easy way to see what quality pet you have.

Edit: The ‘weakened by 2 levels’ feature is now working as intended.

Author: Cymre

Disc priest and relic hunter who loves collecting achievements, silver dragon shots and all things pets. You may know me as Cymre Brightblade. Catch all the pet battle strategies on my YouTube channel - CymreJones

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