Once you complete the Battle Pet Tamers – Kalimdor or Battle Pet Tamers – Eastern Kingdoms chains, you’ll be eligible to pick up the next tier of Battles for Outland, although the fights are quite buggy at the moment, on the most part, they are still doable.

There are four Master Pet Tamers to defeat.

Nicki Tinytech <Master Pet Tamer>
Location – Hellfire Peninsula – Path of Glory
Level 20 Pets – Goliath, ED-005 and Sploader (3x Mechanicals)

Ras’an <Master Pet Tamer>
Location – Zangarmarsh – Sporeggar
Level 21 Pets – Tripod (Magic), Glitterfly (Flying) and Fungor (Humanoid)

Narrok <Master Pet Tamer>
Location – Nagrand – at the base of a tree, west of the Ring of Trials
Level 22 Pets – Prince Wart (Aquatic), Dramaticus (Critter) and Stompy (Beast)

Morulu The Elder <Master Pet Tamer>
Location – Shattrath City – Lower City
Level 23 Pets – Cragmaw, Gnasher, Chomps (3x Aquatic)

Completing this chain, opens up the quest to defeat the Grand Master of Outland.

Bloodknight Antari
Bloodknight Antari
<Grand Master Pet Tamer>
Location – Shadowmoon Valley – right next to Magma Fields
Level 24 Elite Pets – Arcanus (Magic), Netherbite (Dragonkin) and Jadefire (Elemental)

This is a very tough battle atm since I don’t have strong enough pets to beat them yet. With the new feature of weakened pets over a certain level, it’s a real pain to level pets from 20 and up.