Anatomical Dummy

One of the rare Mogu artifacts which converts to an Anatomical Dummy when completed. The item is only useable in Pandaria with a 1hr CD.

Use: Summon an Anatomical Dummy at target location for 5min.  The punching bag acts as a target dummy while it persists.

Anatomical Dummy

He makes some rather interesting emotes when you use him as a target dummy :)

Ow. That really hurts. Not.

That doesn’t even tickle.

Bring it on, jerk.

You’re not very good at this torture thing.

Is that supposed to hurt?

You want a piece of me?

Oooh. Mr Mean Mogu.

I’m so scared.

I had a dig in the Valley of the Four Winds yesterday, in a spot I knew one of the new Champions spawn, although I hadn’t seen it yet. I thought it would be quite funny if it spawned just as I was digging. Guess what, it did!

So I thought I’d take a pic for my collection and let someone else kill it. But then I thought, what the hell and attacked it. As usual, he didn’t drop anything other than a piece of armour so I continued digging and about a minute later, I finished my latest rare artifact.

I thought it only natural that I place him on the spot the rare spawned :P

Author: Cymre

Disc priest and relic hunter who loves collecting achievements, silver dragon shots and pets. Other hobbies include transmog / costumes, novelty items and all things pets.

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  1. So THAT’s what that was!!! Haha I tried killing him, but all he did was make fun of me and not die. =P

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