Valley of the Four Winds Champions

Valley of the Four Winds Champions

Pandaren Champions may drop a satchel (containing linens, jewels or skins), a piece of armour as well as a special item. Although the ones in lower-level zones drop things like a Small Bag of Goods instead.


Drop – Battle Horn

Blackhoof may be found just north of the Stormstout Brewery, skinning a dead Sungraze Mushan.

Drop – Magic Banana

Bonobos can be found within Paoquan Hollow

Jonn-Dar may be found standing in the middle of the ruins, north of Nesingwary’s Safari

Nal’lak flies aound the border of the broken wall

Nasra may be found under the pagoda between the two bridges crossing over from Jade Forest.

Salyin may be found along the river, Krasarang Wilds side.

Sele’na may be found in the marshes of New Cifera.

Found just outside of the Cavern of Endless Echoes, north of Cattail Lake.

Rare Elite

Find out more about one of the new rare elites – Galleon

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