My Super Style

My Super Style

It’s funny how things happen sometimes. I was looking through my Twitter feed this afternoon when I responded to a tweet from Elvine. About a minute later, I was surprised to see the following reply:

I LOVE Your Wonder Woman Transmog! Spot on! <3

Not only was I flattered by the compliment, I was surprised to see his next response:

Yup! We’re talking about it in my stream right now!

Say what? So I responded…

Ok, I wasn’t expecting that so I got a bit curious and decided to listen in for a few minutes before I was called away. In that time, I wasn’t surprised to find I had a brief spike in traffic but it’s the first time I’ve seen more than 40 some views on various Super pages (mostly Wonder Woman though)!

Elvine seemed to like a few of my Supers and linked a few of them in the chat for people. A couple even asked if I had done Catwoman and Batman which is when I linked him my Super Sunday page to reference. However, it seems that my Catwoman outfit was not particularly liked by one particular person.

So let me take this opportunity to remind people that this is just MY take on the Supers, and not necessarily how you might know them. The earlier ones especially are how I remember the characters from my childhood, so in Catwoman’s case, if you’d like to see the more recent interpretations or even transmog outfits for that matter, you can always go to WoWinsider. Also, the ones I’ve tackled are not transmog outfits but costumes for RP which is why you’ll find incomplete or mixed sets.

So far, I’ve seen my creations on a few other websites where people have taken my ideas and tweaked it for their own – Red Riding Hood and Poison Ivy come to mind – but as I said, this started out for me as a way to relive certain parts of my childhood, plus I love Wonder Woman. By the way, thanks to Navi and more recently Pando for featuring my posts. Granted the idea has expanded since then :P

At this stage, I haven’t decided how much longer I’ll be doing these, as the ones well known to me I’ve already done (inc. the top three spots in my recent Super poll). I may extend the Sunday thing to other transmog or costume posts in the future so keep an eye out, especially since my entries have now been handed in for the Mogolympics. Can’t wait to see all the entries :)

But a big thanks to everyone for being so supportive of the ones I’ve created thus far :)

Battle Pet Tamers – Kalimdor

Battle Pet Tamers – Kalimdor

Once you’ve completed the initial set of battles, the next level of Battle Pet Tamers will become available from Varzok in Orgrimmar. You can fight these characters in a pet battle for increased XP, achievements and rewards. The quest is account-wide but faction specific.

Defeating each one will give you a 5min Pet Recovery debuff, meaning you’ll have to wait out the 5min before you can battle another Battle Pet Tamer.

The five you will need to defeat in Kalimdor are:

Traitor GlukTraitor Gluk <Master Pet Tamer>
Location: On the right side of main path heading into Dire Maul
Level 13 Pets: Prancer (Critter), Glimmer (Flying) and Rasp (Beast)

Grazzle the GreatGrazzle the Great <Master Pet Tamer>
Location: Dustwallow Marsh – To the left of Ony’s Lair
Level 14 Pets: Blaze, Flameclaw and Firetooth (3x Dragonkin)

Kela GrimtotemKela Grimtotem <Master Pet Tamer>
Location: Thousand Needles – On a mesa, NW of Darkcloud Pinnacle
Level 15 Pets: Plague (Critter), Indigon (Critter) and Cho’guana (Beast)

ZoltanZoltan <Master Pet Tamer>
Location: Felwood – Just off the main path towards Jaedanar
Level 16 Pets: Beamer (Magic), Ultramus (Mechanical), Hatewalker (Mechanical)

Elena FlutterflyElena Flutterfly <Master Pet Tamer>
Location: Moonglade – By the lake (side of the flight masters)
Level 17 Pets: Beacon (Magic), Lacewing (Flying), Willow (Dragonkin)

Completing this chain, opens up the quest to defeat the Grand Master of Kalimdor.

Stone Cold TrixxyStone Cold Trixxy <Grand Master Pet Tamer>
Location: Winterspring – Ice Thistle Hills, by old ruins
Level 19 Elite Pets: Blizzy (Flying), Tinygos (Dragonkin) and Frostmaw (Beast)

Defeating the Grand Master on each continent will unlock daily quests (via an achievement) for all of the other Tamers on that same continent (10 shots a day if you do them all).

Completing this chain allows access to the Outland series of battles.

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