Severed Ties

It’s been a while since I tried to do a dungeon achievement but with three left for Cataclysm, this was one I was missing. When Arv asked if I wanted to do a dungeon earlier I didn’t even know achievements were on the agenda. We ended up doing Well of Eternity and End Time, although there was a bit of a hiccup at the second crystal as no one clicked the first one and poor Illidan was left twiddling his thumbs for a while. So I went back to set it off and Illidan was on his way again. I think Arv was right when he said they weren’t ready for Mists :P

When someone suggested Lazy Eye, all I could think was I wish Cool was here. It’s been one we’ve been talking about doing for a while. We didn’t get it but when the time came to do Sylvanas, another suggestion was made at the achievement. This is where I mentioned Coolidge. Two of our DPS’ers offered to drop for him but I said he wasn’t home yet. It was a sweet offer but I would have been the one to drop if anybody and try it at a later date – even though I love achievements.

Severed Ties

Now we just have to do it again for Cool! Arv and Slice both offered to help with this so that’s excellent. It was great to meet a few more of the SR crew – Fayle, Adoe and Lyss. Plus, it’s always nice to hear when someone enjoys your blog. :)

They all managed to get quite a few achievements from our three runs which included the bear from ZA. I must admit that I had a bit of mixed emotions when it came to my achievement but it was great to actually see my achievement count moving again. It’s been too long. :P

Oh and I finally managed to get the Scepter of Azshara.

Making History

I must say that we haven’t had a Guild achievement for a while but this one was a nice surprise. When I logged in after the Patch on Wednesday, I noticed that amongst the personal and account achievements I received, there was this one.

Arch 500 projects

It’s not so much that we have the achievement but just look how far we are over the quota? :P

Arch dig

I love Archaeology, but all the professions in Pandaria are all kind of fun, especially when you don’t need to equip any tools like a fishing pole for other professions. :)

Boo-Boo Number Two

Ok well, I guess it’s not good to feel too cocky when going into a low level dungeon. After yesterday’s fiasco, I wasn’t even going to mention the Reinforced Targets in Scarlet Halls except that Cool make a passing remark about them which made me play coy. When we got to Houndmaster Braun I decided to go ahead and clear the path while Cool went ahead and finished the boss. Only about a second after I ran to the wall of men guarding the doorway, I was dead.

I wasn’t sure what had killed me at first, I mean it was a small group of level 21-22’s. But just look at the combat log :P

Boo-boo two

I think the numbers speak for themselves. OUCH!

So take it from me and don’t try and run ahead. When the boss dies, they pretty much disappear.

The rest of the instance was pretty non-eventful, except for the loot I managed to get. It was the reason we were there in the first place.

Obediant Hounds

Thx Cool for the idea. You really changed my melancholic mood from last night <3

Old Hillpaw

I must be on a roll. This is the second NPC that I’ve managed to get exalted with for The Tillers. When I saw that Old Hillpaw gives you a Straw Hat as one of the perks, I knew which NPC I had to work on next as it’s the perfect addition to my farming outfit. Actually, I didn’t have one before the hat but it’s funny how things work out. :P

Being the beta, I had chucked a lot of the gear in my bags for room so I really only had what I was wearing to experiment with. I must say it looks pretty damn good for little effort :)

Straw Hat

Hillpaws Chickens

Old Hillpaw also gives you some of his chickens to liven up the place. All that’s missing is the amorous rooster…


Sho is one of ten NPCs which are part of The Tillers – the farming faction of Pandaria. If you choose to become her Best Friend (which is the highest level of friendship or reputaion), you will get a couple of perks.

Wait a minute. I’ve been thinking… you’ve done so much for me, it’s about time I gave you something back in return. Where I’m from, we grow beautiful orange trees. I planted one on your farm. From the way things grow around here, I wouldn’t be surprised if it had already bloomed by the time you get back to your farm.

Orange tree

Orange Tree from Sho

I also had something waiting for me in the mailbox.

A huge Red Cricket!

Orange tree and cricket

Just look at the size of him

Those patches of Dark Soil sure came in handy for this one. Another battle pet for the collection :)

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