Umbrella of Chi-Ji

I was all set to get my last three bubbles working on my Archaeology but that took a while so I ended up doing a few short quests as well. My current Pandaren artifact was the rare item – the Umbrella of Chi-Ji so I was looking forward to completing it; especially when the icon looks like an unbrella but I thought it would just be a vanity item. I was excited to find that it was actually a pretty nice off-hand :)

Umbrella of Chi-Ji-water

Isn’t it lovely? Dare I say transmog worthy too :)

However, I’ve noticed if you completed the item before this current build on the beta (as I did on another toon) you’re still left with the placeholder item in your bag, same with the Spear of Xuen. So if you suspect you have a rare in your journal that you’d like to see completed, wait until the model is implemented in-game.

Oh and soon after that, I managed to get Zen Master Archaeologist. Too bad there’s no title though :P

Author: Cymre

Disc priest and relic hunter who loves collecting achievements, silver dragon shots and pets. Other hobbies include transmog / costumes, novelty items and all things pets.

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  1. very very pretty!

    And I like thunderspanks idea lol!

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  2. That does look pretty cool.

    It would be even more fun if, when put in the main hand, the model turned into a closed umbrella which you could use to whack mobs over the head!

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  3. LOL! I had a vision of Aygaren running about with his shield transmogged to look like the umbrella!!! On the other hand, Thdoria saw this and had a rare gleam in her eyes.

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  4. Ooooh! That was one of the first things I got in Archaeology in the beta. But way back then it didn’t have stats or a model. I have to go check mine now!

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    • Me too on an earlier copy of my priest but I didn’t notice any conversion in the icon when I checked yesterday. Same with the spear. Hoping you can see yours though :)

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  5. Oh my gosh I love that umbrella! OK, must get archaeology maxed before MoP! OH MY! I am not sure I will even be raiding at this point will all the fun stuff to do instead!

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