Dark Phoenix

The Dark Phoenix Saga” is an extended X-Men storyline focusing on Jean Grey and the Phoenix Force which ends in Grey’s apparent death.

It is sometimes divided into two parts, with the “Phoenix Saga” referring to Grey’s seeming assumption of the Phoenix power and the repair of the M’Kraan Crystal, and the “Dark Phoenix Saga” referring to her corruption and fall. It is one of the most well-known and heavily referenced stories in mainstream American superhero comics, and widely considered a classic.

Source: Wikipedia

Honestly, I found Phoenix’s history to be quite long-winded from the short amount of research I did. As you know, I like to write a little blurb about the Super I focus on for the week, usually referencing just one site. Again, only having seen her in the X-Men movie, that’s really all I had to go on.

After my recent poll which asked readers to pick their favourite Superhero or villain, Jean Grey/Dark Phoenix came up as the first two ‘other’ votes, so I added her to the list. By the end, she had 6 independent votes placing her in the top spot (followed by Batman on 5 and Wonder Woman on 4) so I thought it only fair to add her to my Super series.

I love the first image and think the second one has a distinct Blood Elf feel. Another mix of armour was used but this is the first time I’ve used a shirt in place of the chestpiece – as well as being the hero piece.

Dark Phoenix

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  1. Very nice! Love the closed eyes and hover position. It is the little touches that bring an outfit together. The X-Men moves made me cry but she is a Phoenix so maybe she’ll be back someday!

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    • Thx Classy :)

      JD does that mean you voted for Dark Phoenix too? I thought you would have voted for Aquaman :P Nice pic btw.

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  2. Nice work again Cym! If only you could have gotten a pic with Alysrazor behind her, that would have totally completed this shot!

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  3. Excellent job Cyrme!!

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  4. A blood elf! Perfect choice for Dark Phoenix I think :) Personally I find Dark Phoenix a little… annoying? Perhaps? But her storyline is one of the most famous in the XMen comics (JD can correct me if I’m wrong) and I laugh in agreement when he said “it’s gotten so ridiculous in terms of canon”.

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    • That’s a great idea Arv, I’ve taken the idea and run with it. I was busy finalising my Mogolympic entries so this week was a semi-quick one :)

      @Thx Pando and Navi :D Yeah coming in without knowing any of her history was a bit much for me :P

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  5. Yay, Dark Phoenix! My all-time favorite comic book character ever. I agree they’ve butchered the Phoenix so much in the last years but I always go back to the original Dark Phoenix Saga. There was a time I would try really hard to follow all the comics covering the Phoenix Force presence (it crossed over at some point to a different comic series on a different comic company, can’t remember which one though), as well as Jean Grey herself, but life got in the way. I reckon the movie didn’t really do her story justice, but I was happy they kinda sorta brought her story to the big screen anyway.

    That is a pretty cool replication of her in game! LOVE the shirt, definitely an excellent choice. :) I’m sulking that it’s a Horde shirt, though. >.< I love Draenei too much, lol.

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