Cool and I logged into the Beta today to check out some of the Pandaren champions – the new term for Silver Dragons or rares. Even though a handful were already dead, we still managed to find four in the two areas we visited. I’ve read that the spawn rate on each is about and hour depending on when it despawns.

You can expect to find a total of eight different types, each with a unique set of abilities.

A Worthy Opponent

Defeat one of the powerful champions of the Pandaren races that wander the continent

At ~153K for each rare in the Valley of the Four Winds, it was a nice chunk of XP indeed.

Killing one of each type rewards you with the following achievement – Could We Find More Like That?

Valley of the Four Winds

Salyin patrols along the Yan-Zhe river just east of the Silken Fields.

Nal'lak the Ripper
Flies around the sha infested area of Stoneplow Fields. Drops Dynasty of Steel.

This was a tough one to take a good pic of beforehand as I raced to tag him while avoiding his tornadoes and blade flurry which hurt. Cool and I played tag team a couple of times. Well, he died once while I died twice :P

In the middle of the Paoquan Hollow jungle. Drops Magic Banana.

Krasarang Wilds

In the southern part of Nayeli Lagoon, at the top of Unga Ingoo island. He didn’t drop anything of note though.

In general, each champion will drop a satchel, a medium-level piece of armour and a special item which could be a vanity item, trinket or even a pet. Tracking down all the rare mobs will grant the achievement Glorious!.

I look forward to completing all these on live :)