Littlest Pet Shop

Achievements for the Pet Battle System have been coming pretty fast and furious on the beta. It’s a nice change as I love getting achievements so it’s been a long time coming. Today, I decided to have a look at them as Zalajin mentioned something about camping a particular critter.

After getting this double achievement earlier, I opened my achievement journal to see what else I was close to getting. It turns out I was only TWO critters away from getting the Littlest Pet Shop after getting High Quality only yesterday. But when I saw that the former achievement gave you another pet, I knew what I had to do. Initially, I headed to Southern Barrens to try and catch another two critters. But after a few minutes, I decided to try and find a Humanoid and Dragonkin – the last two I was missing for another achievement.

From there, I just opened up my Pet Journal to try and locate some around my level. Silithus – Woot! During my second day of pet battles, I saw some really cool looking beetles in Uldum. Now with Silithus a hop, skip and a jump away, I took the auto-flight to Cenarion Hold to check things out. After capturing a scarab I didn’t have, I headed over to AQ. That’s where I found the Qiraji Guarding. How annoying they used to be back in the day. Now you get one of your very own :P

Humanoid Battle

Once I had her the achievement was mine… and so was the Celestial Dragon :)

Celestial Dragon

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