As you know, I had my Chibi commission completed by Sleepingfox just over a month ago. By now, she’s an artist many of you recognise by name and style as you’ve seen a number of them over the past seven weeks (mostly on Navimie‘s blog).

Coolidge was so impressed with mine that I wanted to surprise him with a gift of his own. Little did I know, there were now four commissions in front of me. However, I wanted him to love his chibi as much as I love mine so I asked him for some details.

It didn’t take long before he settled on all the elements – fans of D3 will recognise Imperius’ armour. The tool belt illustrates his practical nature, always willing to get his hands dirty – being both a Master Blacksmith and Engineer – notice his dirty cheeks? As a player he also loves listening to music so the headphones were a given. The last thing he requested was brown hair (which sometimes has a reddish tinge to it in WoW) so he wanted to make sure that his hair matched his real life colour.

Another fantastic job by Sleepingfox :)

Looking at her commission list, I see she’s going to be busy for quite a while….

By the way, if you’re in the market for something, Sleepingfox is also looking for non-chibi commissions, so check out her portfolio, if you’re interested.