My First Day of Pet Battling

Things are quite buggy on the beta right now. Missing pets, dead pets on challenges, pets phasing in and out, flagging when you change zones or go into same faction territory.

I was excited the morning after the new patch came out even though it was ~19GB of download goodness. I asked Twitter if the battle system still needed L90 to test and was told you only needed a L5 toon. Woot! I couldn’t wait for my DL to finish so I could start testing it.

First of all, head to the Goblin Slums in Org and talk to Matty. No, not that Matty, this one.

Matty - Battle Trainer in Org

You soon learn you can talk to any of the Stable Masters to heal all your pets whenever you need to (for a cost). Good to know when your heal is on CD.

So I headed past the gates of Org to find the first critter I could find. You can track critters on the mini map and will see a paw icon when a battle pet is in range.

A few battles in, I engaged a beetle…. only it wasn’t a beetle I saw in battle.

What? A harvester in Durotar? As a Horde player, I was so excited when I saw this little guy.

Note when your pet reaches level 3, you can start capturing critters. The capture slot becomes active once they are below 35% health.

throw trap

You will know very quickly is your trap has succeeded or failed. Falling forward = success. Falling backward will indicate that your trap has missed.

When you engage a critter in battle, you’ll be phased out with other wildlife until the match is over. If you see a critter not moving in the wild, it’s likely to be in the middle of a battle.

It’s quite often when you engage a critter, another critter will enter the battle too. This can be good or bad as you don’t want all of your active pets to be killed if the enemy pets are too strong. If you fail to win, the critter you’re fighting despawns (if it’s killed during the match) and will lose any trapped pet you tried to capture.

Once I had fought quite a few in Durotar, I headed over to The Barrens to see what I could find. I engaged the first one I saw. Bad move as my core hound was level 4 and had selected a level 9 to battle. It didn’t end well… LOL!

After heading back to Org to hand in a couple of quests, I decided to see what the ‘Find Battle’ feature was all about. I was half hoping it’d be like The Last Relic of Argus and teleport me to the nearest critter but that was just wishful thinking. I was teleported right outside Org to find my level 5 corehound in a battle with a level 13 pet. OUCH! The odd thing was, I died about 3secs later.

It was weird so I rezzed and continued fighting critters the old fashioned way, heading over to Mulgore to see what they had to offer.

When you open your pet journal, you can tell the quality of each pet by selecting each one and looking in the main box or looking at the colour of the pet border. You may find a few duplicates so if it’s pet or quality you no longer want, you can right click the pet and abandon any wild pet you own. You can also rename them or set certain pets to a ‘favourites’ list.

Here are some of my pet battling highlights:

Oh and if you get the chance, battle your Moonkin Hatchling with a rat. It was the cutest thing I’d ever seen. I could not stop laughing since the rat had a stampede ability which caused the moonkin to spin around like it didn’t know what was happening. I almost slid off my chair from cuteness overload.

Author: Cymre

Disc priest and relic hunter who loves collecting achievements, silver dragon shots and all things pets. You may know me as Cymre Brightblade. Catch all the pet battle strategies on my YouTube channel - CymreJones

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