TCG Wishlist

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about some of the really cool trading card items you can collect, but I’ve never really owned any of them. When I finally meet up with Arvash, I’ll have to ask him to show me some of his favourite toys. Especially since he seems to have a few in my wistlist.

In the past, I managed to get the Tabard of Flame from the Heroes of Azeroth deck, accumulating points on the Upper Deck website. Sadly, I don’t seem to have it any more #CymStorageProblems – before Void Storage and all that. However, as part of the last two Collector’s Editions, I’ve managed to get Papa Hummel’s Old-Fashioned Pet Biscuit and the Path of Cenarius. Funnily enough, it takes me more than an expansion to use all the charges :P

My Wish list

Seriously, how can you go wrong with any of the items from this deck. Uldum is a place I love (but you know that already). As a result, I’ve taken countless images in the zone.

Tomb of the Forgotten

Spurious Sarcophagus – this one looks especially awesome

White Riding Camel – maybe add another one to my stable

Sand Scarab – another pet? It’s a given…

Spurious Sarcophagus

Hunt for Illidan

Soul-Trader Beacon – the moment I saw this one I was in love with the item. One day I will have one. During BC, I always thought it would be a cool idea to play an ethereal. I liked the way they moved and thought they died in a very cool way too :P

Soul-Trader Beacon

Field of Honor

Ogre Pinata – you may have seen my two bubblegum fun posts but sadly I haven’t tried it more than twice. Bubbles… of Mischief, doesn’t that just go hand-in-hand?

Ogre Pinata

Fires of Outland

Fishing chair – I love that you can place it inside the Lure Master Tackle Box, although I know there will be something similar in Mists. With the amount of fishing I’ve done, this would be great.

March of the Legion

Dragon Kite – this one just looks like a cool toy

chibi_amani_dragonhawk_by_noxychuServants of the Betrayer

X-51 Nether-Rocket X-TREME – what’s not to like? Except that it can’t hold a passenger but you have other options for that…

Twilight of the Dragons

Amani Dragonhawk – I always thought the Sunreaver Dragonhawk was a nice looking mount but this one is even prettier.

Hopefully one day I can get some of these :)


This week’s Blog Azeroth Shared Topic comes to us from Dragonray who asks:

Are you starstruck by anyone? Does someone in the community respond to a post or a tweet and get you all speechless because they actually responded? Is there anyone you are waiting to have respond directly to you? Is there someone that you would like to chat to, but are too chicken? Am I the only one who puts other bloggers on a pedestal?

In a word – yes!

When I first started blogging, there were quite a few names I followed on Twitter who actually followed me back like Matticus and Healbot. I was even more surprised when Matticus even commented on one of my Priest posts one day.

Other big names like Cynwise and Rades, who have not only followed and conversed with me on Twitter, have also taken the time to comment on my Blog. That to me is an even bigger achievement. If only there were blogging achievements, I would be so excited :P It was nice to hear that Cyn liked my keen fashion sense (I seem to be having a Buffy the Vampire Slayer flashback) – in particular my Cymre Jones outfits and other items on occasion. When Vid and Rades published my guest strip on their From Draenor with Love site, I was awed by the great plug I received in the comic description.

Derevka is another priest I’ve been following for a long time. He’s great at number crunching and he even seems to like doing it! I always thought he had a cool yet familiar name until he tweeted that he was a fan of Alias. Of course… one of the more likeable baddies in the show. Disc Priests and Alias. Two very cool things to have in common. I’ve even been known to leave a couple of comments on his site…

I’m always humbled when I see my blog listed on other blogrolls. It’s also exciting when I get traffic from a new source or see my link when I’m visiting someone new or have admired for a long time. In fact, today I saw some traffic from a new site in Russian. I couldn’t help but paste the blurb into Google translator so I could see what they thought.

Автор блога специализируется на интересных картинках. Именно их он и пытается воплотить в конкретных наборах вещей. Помимо бессмысленных для наших нужд Бэтменов и Суперменов, там есть и неплохие идеи.


Author of the blog specializes in interesting pictures. It was their he tries to translate into specific sets of things. In addition to the senseless for our needs Batman and Superman, there’s a good idea.

Translator seems a bit off as well as the gender but otherwise it sounded like a nice comment.

Recently, WoWInsider linked to one of my posts. In terms of traffic, that was by far the pinnacle of my hits for the day. Hopefully the first of more to come :P

I still remember the time Beru sent me an email saying she would like to feature me on their Welcome Wagon post. I wasn’t sure what that was at the time but luckily she linked a few examples so I could get an idea. I was so new to the blogging thing that I was amazed that I had already made an impact and that Bloggers I admire, like Beru, even knew who I was. I always thought it was a bit funny how she linked my Flavours of WoW post as the homepage a couple of times. To me, that was one of my more embarrassing and silly posts but for those who like doing the ST’s it’s going to be an upcoming one in August :P

A few months later, I received an email from Hydra, asking if I would be interested in being a guest on the Twisted Nether Blogcast. That was even more amazing as I wasn’t a big name but maybe they had all been on before /shrug. I admit, lately I’ve been listening to it more and more, as I’m recognising more of the names on the show and consider a fair few of them my blogging friends.

I was surprised one night when Keelhaul tweeted that he liked one of my ‘Mog Me’ Mixes on twitter, I was even more surprised when he actually started following me! Times like that I wish you could freeze frame the moment and have the comment magically appear on your blog :P

As a blogging nooblet, they were my top ones but there have been countless others. I still get a kick when someone I actually know (or met in RL) makes a comment on my blog – besides Navi and Cool as they are my regular RL supporters :)

But to anyone who’s stopped by to say Hi or mentioned me in their Starstruck posts, I thank you :D

I’m Back!

Not that you would have known any different but I was unable to log into my WoW account yesterday. Probably a side effect from my hacking incident since this was the first time my subscription was due since said incident. Granted a few days ago, I received an email which stated that my pre-paid time was due to expire in 5 days. At first I thought it was a just a fake email but it was sent to my actual game email which worried me at first. So I logged into to check the date my payment was due and sure enough, it matched up with the email.

My payment details had not changed since the hack so I left it to see what happened on subscription day. Not surprisingly, I had the fail to login message once I put in my authenticator details. I submitted a web ticket but since it was Sunday I wasn’t expecting to hear back from Blizzard until Monday. Checking this morning, the ticket was already listed as ‘answered’. The response told me to call their 1800 number so they could manually enter my card details.

After their office opened (after 11pm for me), I ended up being on the phone for an hour sorting things out. Once the card details were put through and my WoW account was unfrozen, I had one other issue to rectify – the Guild name. Some of you may recall a few months ago where I was in the process of deciding what to do with the Guild after a few selfish individuals abandoned us at an instrumental time. We were three weeks shy of getting our first Guild achievement for the Legendary daggers. I was so excited about it as we never managed to get the staff done, as we started late raiding in FL. Not only that but people we thought were our friends and would understand the situation of how things turned out abandoned Cool and I too. We only heard back from one individual who made an effort to say goodbye and wish us luck. One! So thx Zes :)

I had considered disbanding the Guild at the time but I couldn’t bare the thought of that. It took so much effort to get it that far. Unless you’ve been in our situation, I don’t think you could really understand where we were coming from. Cool and I have run this Guild for many years. First on Khadgar and then again it was rebuilt on Dath, slowly recruiting after we left Frostwolves. Sadly, our parting posts in their Guild forum were deleted sometime after so they only had the spiteful comments from others as to why we left instead of the truth. But Cool and I managed to get our Guild to rank 6 before we even opened recruitment for FL.

The Guild has always been very special to me from the way it started as a private guild for Cool and I. So for me to consider disbanding gives you some indication of how devastated I was feeling at the time. Instead, we gave the leftover members a clean break so they could move on as we didn’t want to hold anyone back and we wouldn’t have to worry about the remaining members. It took me a while to even want to log back into the game. In the end, we didn’t change servers but instead changed the name (including toon names and race) for a bit of anonymity while the healing process began.

People who are happy doing what they’re doing or are in long time Guilds may not understand this but it’s something I don’t wish on anyone because I’ve experienced it first hand. At times it still feels quite raw when I’m reminded of how things turned out in passing comments, etc. When people mention their legendary daggers with such bragging rights, I can’t help but think of what could have been.

So tonight, I told the GM on the phone my situation about the Guild name. In short, the old Guild name was locked for 90 days so I had no hope of changing it back before then. I was all set to go once the 90 days was up, counting down the days until…  the day of the hack. Really, the timing couldn’t have been worse. In fact, I did try before I knew about the three month lock but the system wouldn’t take my card details. A couple of months ago, a rep in the US office previously stated that they were having trouble with some transactions using AUD so I tried using PayPal which didn’t work either. Not even when I converted the currency to USD. /Sigh

But tonight, even the operator was having an issue manually changing the Guild name. I initially told him that Cool was planning on doing it but he said that the new GM would have to hold the title for 7 days so I asked if he could manually do it tonight once and for all. Good thing I did too because it took the rest of the hour to sort this out.

Basically, one of his colleagues tried to create another Guild Charter to see if they could use the name ‘MischiefUs’ but it turned out the name was in use. Arg! I checked to make sure it wasn’t being used on our server. It wasn’t. Something funky was definitely going on. In the end, he created a Guild called ‘Cymre’ for a few minutes :P After that, he was able to change it back to what it was originally, so MischiefUs is back!

I can’t tell you how happy that makes me :)

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