The bite of an irradiated spider granted high-school student Peter Parker incredible powers. When a burglar killed his Uncle Ben, Peter vowed to use those abilities to protect his fellow man, driven by his uncle’s words: With great power comes great responsibility!
Source: Marvel.com

I vaguely remember the The Amazing Spiderman series back in the late 70’s but it mustn’t have been that great because I don’t remember much about the show. I did enjoy the first Spider-man movie with Toby Maguire though and am currently watching the sequel on TV right now.


Unfortunately, there’s no full head mask but I think you can use your imagination with his red hair. Three armour types were used including the Protectorate Assassins Tunic. The hardest thing to manipulate was the pose as he looks quite stiff and not flexible like he should be.

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Author: Cymre

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  1. That’s a pretty sweet Spidey set you got there, Cymre, nice job! Have you seen the new movie yet? I actually like this Andrew Garfield version better than the Tobey Maguire one.

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  2. Awesome Spiderman! Is it mogg-able, or different armor types?

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    • It’s a good mix and match between armor types, looks like cloth and mail to me.

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  3. Super Super Super JOb :)
    LOVING the screenshots !!!!

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  4. Holy moly!!!! I’m impressed, that mog is absolutely amazing!

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  5. Very aesthetic outfit, the whole thing comes together nicely. I also really like the choice of chestpiece.

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  6. Woo! I love Spiderman, my FAVOURITE superhero of all time! I watched Amazing Spiderman on the weekend and it was great. I have seen that chest and thought it would be a great spidey costume :) Nice work.

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  7. Nice! I just spent all of yesterday watching the Avengers lol. While Spiderman is not my -favourite- superhero, I still think he’s pretty awesome! Yay for superheroes! :)

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    • @Arv – I haven’t seen the new one yet but I’d like to. It does sound good though.

      @Draynee – Unfortunately, as Ironyca said, it is a mix of armour types.

      @Pando/Euphy/Cool/Nav/Saya – Thanks everyone :D

      @Ironyca – Yep, that chestpiece is definitely the hero piece of the costume.

      @Tome – Yeah he’s sneaky

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