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The cat-people of the Ramkahen are the distant but direct descendants of the Tol’vir – much like what the Dwarves are to the Earthen. Protecting Titan secrets remains part of their rigid tradition despite losing their stone bodies. The curse of flesh caused them to turn into the fleshy, wingless versions of their former selves. The process can be reverted by powerful beings such as Siamat, as a ‘reward’ for swearing allegiance to Deathwing.

Ramkahen - King Phaoris

They are one of the three clans of the Tol’vir race living in Uldum – the Orsis and the Neferset being the other two. When Deathwing came back to the world and entered an alliance with the Old Gods and the elemental lords, he set out to make some allies (or more realistically servants) in the deserts of Uldum. The Neferset tribe were the first one to fall under his persuasion, as he had promised to lift the Curse of Flesh off them, restoring them to their former stone forms. The Orsis clan became the first victims of Neltharion’s new allies – their entire clan was obliterated by air elementals and former Neferset brothers. The Ramkahen were the last Tol’vir bastion against the combined forces of Al’Akir and Deathwing, and with the aid of Azeroth’s champions could we help them reclaim the lands they’d lost.

So with great pride I hereby represent Ramkahen in the Mogolympics.

It was actually quite difficult to find a uniform I liked to represent the clan as they don’t tend to wear a lot, but since they look so majestic, I decided to go for a more ornate look.

Head: Cataclysmic Gladiator’s Satin Hood
Shoulder: Titan-Forged Shoulderpads of Salvation
Chest: Lo’ap’s Tunic of Muck Diving
Waist: Relentless Gladiator’s Cord of Salvation
Legs: World Mender’s Pants
Hands: Marshseeker Gloves
Feet: Sandals of Crimson Fury
Main Hand: Horde Guild Banner

Author: Cymre

Disc priest and relic hunter who loves collecting achievements, silver dragon shots and all things pets. You may know me as Cymre Brightblade. Catch all the pet battle strategies on my YouTube channel - CymreJones

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  1. Excellant choices!! I particulary love the look of that helm.

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  2. Cymre looks lovely and is a fitting representative for the cat people since she spent some time being Catwoman!

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  3. Oooh, fascinating!
    I don’t think I recognize that helm and shoulders, but wow, are they ever gorgeous!

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    • Ah, PvP gear — that would be why I didn’t recognize it, as I’m not very familiar with that genre of gear.

      I wondered for a bit if maybe you’d pulled some fancy photoshop work and used a Diablo III hat — but of course that wouldn’t fit the Mogolympics rules, so I was sure that it had to be some hat actually in WoW somewhere :P

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  4. Okay, I give up. How did you get that awesome Ramkahen flag? Are there… in-game items like that for factions, or is it through WMV?

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  5. Awesome looking flag carrier, and she’s even carrying a flag! =D

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  6. Great job on your flag bearer!
    Uldum is one of my fav places!

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    • Thx Ay :)

      @Tome – I am Catwoman. Hear me roar! :3

      TY Kam :) I used the Cata priest PVP helm and the Wintergrasp shoulders :P

      Thx Cool :)

      What were you expecting JD? :P

      @Nav/Miss – it’s the Horde banner (WMV + photoshop to add the logo)

      Item list has now been added.

      @Euphy/Pando – Thx you two :D

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