Thunder no maw

Yesterday, while riding through the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, I paused by the river as something had caught my eye. In fact, it was an exotic beast I’m very familiar with on live. My spirit beast Skoll.

Little did I know when trying to get a closer look, a wolf pack had come up behind me (while my bars were hidden no less). About a minute later, I ran into these guys again for another photo-op but I also wanted to have another look at their electrifying ability…

Thundermaw pack

Thundermaw - thunder

I’m proud to say I’ve had Skoll for a long time on my Hunter but running into these guys makes me a little sad seeing how common they will soon be, especially when remembering how hard he was to tame in the first place. They also seem to be classified as a common wolf which means any hunter will be able to tame them. Even though they are a different colour – more like a medium grey, I would have liked Blizzard to save this unique skin for another rare, if anything.

Another two losing their rare status:

  • Jadefang – looks just like the shale spiders found inside a mine;
  • Skarr – a lot of green clones surround the home of the Jade Witch.

Rocket Time

Two new engineering mounts are now on the beta but the best part right now is that everyone can ride them! Logging in today, they were both in my mount journal :)

It’s thought that these will be the new goblin and gnomish specialist BoE mounts.

Depleted Kyparium Rocket

Depleted Kyparium Rocket

Depleted Kyparium Rocket

Depleted Kyparium Rocket

I never thought my legs were particularly long but this mount makes me think otherwise :P

Geosynchronous World Spinner

Geosynchronous World Spinner

Geosynchronous World Spinner

Geosynchronous World Spinner

Look what happens when you log out in the rocket…

Depleted Kyparium - pellets

Shoot: Test fires a spread of harmless pellets

That’s right, you get your own siege bar!

The first button uses a radio but there was no animation to accompany this.

The pic illustrates what happens with button 2. Sure seems like an interesting bug (if this is indeed one of the engineering mounts). Maybe this vehicle design is used elsewhere as a quest or something but notice there is no arrow to eject. I admit I had a bit of trouble getting out of the thing (short of entering a building) but I found two other commands that normally work for other vehicle-like mechanics (sandstone and sandbox tiger) did not work here. So if you find yourself stuck in the rocket, type /dismount.

Incidently, the spinner had no such bug when logging back into the beta mounted.

I think they both look great and can see using either but I think the rocket with the machine gun looks more fun while the spinner looks slicker.

Anyone planning on getting one made?

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