Evolution of the Quilen

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post highlighting the new tameable Hunter pet classes in Mists. The most interesting pet at the time was the Quilen. Over the last few weeks, the design of this exotic beast has changed several times.

There appear to be three types right now:

  • Stone
  • Organic
  • Adorned stone

Terracotta Guardian

When I first discovered these statues in Kun-Lai Summit, they resembled a lion.

Terracotta Guardian

Terracotta Guardian – cat model

Terracotta Guardian

Terracotta Guardian – dog model

A short time later, they looked more like a dog which fits their description of being the Mogu ‘attack dog’.

There were initially some complaints about using the cat model and clipping issues which were later acknowledged by Mumper (one of the Game Designers) who wrote:

This model is currently WIP.  We are building a new rig for it to deal with the clipping and animation issues.  Keep an eye out for the updated one soon!

That was at the end of May. Here’s where we are now:

Terracotta Guardian

Terracotta Guardian – new model

Terracotta Guardian

Terracotta Guardian – re-animate

Terracotta Guardian

Terracotta Guardian – animated

You can definitely see more of a detailed design with a more relaxed neckline (I’m loving the tattoos) but they have less of a stone look to them too. When animated by Mogu magic, they become hostile, increasing damage dealt by 200% for 20sec.

Terracotta - corpse

Terracotta – corpse

This is the old model as a corpse – forever a statue.

Stone Guardians

Stone Guardian

Stone Guardian – old model

Stone Guardian

Stone Guardian – new model

Stone Guardian - aggro

Stone Guardian – aggro

I didn’t notice much of a difference with this design but since they were the organic version it was hard to get a good shot without aggroing them. However, when I killed one I wasn’t expecting him to die like this. Although thinking about it now, it does make sense.

Stone Guardian - corpse

Stone Guardian – corpse

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