Priest Changes – Build 15781

Here are the latest changes:

  • Mind Sear now costs 3% of base mana, down from 6%.
  • Shadow Word: Death damage has been increased by 300%. No longer does damage to the caster. Now also grants a Shadow Orb. Only usable on enemies that have less than 20% health. If the target dies, you gain an additional shadow orb. If the target does not die, the cooldown is reset. Only one of these effects can happen every 6 sec.
  • Shadow Word: Insanity (New) Blasts the target for (682 + 65.0% of SP) Shadowfrost damage, and causes your shadow damage-over-time spells to erupt, dealing up to 100% additional damage per damage-over-time spell on the target but removing them in the process. 15% of Base Mana. 40 yd range. Instant.


  • From Darkness, Comes Light now also has a 2 charge limit on the Surge of Darkness portion.
  • Mindbender now has a 1 min cooldown, down from 3 min. Now grants 1% mana when the Mindbender attacks, down from 4%. Replaces Shadowfiend.
  • Power Word: Solace (New) Strike an enemy with the power of the heavens, dealing (2,098 + 40.0% of SP) Holy damage and restoring 2% maximum mana. 40 yd range. 1.5 sec cast. Requires Level 45.



  • Devouring Plague now does 349 + 16.6% of SP Shadow damage with the DoT effect. Now heals the caster for 1% of their maximum health when it deals periodic damage and no longer heals on direct damage.
  • Mind Spike now costs 1% of base mana, down from 3%. No longer increases the critical strike chance of your next Mind Blast on the target by 30%.
  • Shadowy Apparitions now scales with 97.8% of SPS, rather than 60.0% of SP.
  • Shadowy Apparitions (Shadow) now has a 1.2x damage modifier.

Major Glyphs

  • Glyph of Devouring Plague has been renamed Glyph of Shadow Word: Death: Your Shadow Word: Death can now be cast at any time, but deals 25% damage against targets above 20% health and does not generate a Shadow Orb when used against them. Casting Shadow Word: Death now also does damage to you equivalent to the damage it would do to an enemy above 20% health.

Minor Glyphs

  • Glyph of Smallfiend (NYI) has been renamed Glyph of Dark Archangel: When you apply Devouring Plague to a target, you take on the form of a Dark Archangel for 8 sec.
Shadow ravens

Glyph of Dark Archangel

Shadow ravens

Shadow ravens

Not much to report on my end other than the two images I managed to collect today. It appears that shadow ravens now have a new animation. Here’s what they looked like before.

Evolution of the Quilen

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post highlighting the new tameable Hunter pet classes in Mists. The most interesting pet at the time was the Quilen. Over the last few weeks, the design of this exotic beast has changed several times.

There appear to be three types right now:

  • Stone
  • Organic
  • Adorned stone

Terracotta Guardian

When I first discovered these statues in Kun-Lai Summit, they resembled a lion.

Terracotta Guardian

Terracotta Guardian – cat model

Terracotta Guardian

Terracotta Guardian – dog model

A short time later, they looked more like a dog which fits their description of being the Mogu ‘attack dog’.

There were initially some complaints about using the cat model and clipping issues which were later acknowledged by Mumper (one of the Game Designers) who wrote:

This model is currently WIP.  We are building a new rig for it to deal with the clipping and animation issues.  Keep an eye out for the updated one soon!

That was at the end of May. Here’s where we are now:

Terracotta Guardian

Terracotta Guardian – new model

Terracotta Guardian

Terracotta Guardian – re-animate

Terracotta Guardian

Terracotta Guardian – animated

You can definitely see more of a detailed design with a more relaxed neckline (I’m loving the tattoos) but they have less of a stone look to them too. When animated by Mogu magic, they become hostile, increasing damage dealt by 200% for 20sec.

Terracotta - corpse

Terracotta – corpse

This is the old model as a corpse – forever a statue.

Stone Guardians

Stone Guardian

Stone Guardian – old model

Stone Guardian

Stone Guardian – new model

Stone Guardian - aggro

Stone Guardian – aggro

I didn’t notice much of a difference with this design but since they were the organic version it was hard to get a good shot without aggroing them. However, when I killed one I wasn’t expecting him to die like this. Although thinking about it now, it does make sense.

Stone Guardian - corpse

Stone Guardian – corpse

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