The Storm Peaks in central Northrend is a frigid mountainous region that used to be the home of the titans, with Ulduar as their city. The storm giants now inhabit the area. Players questing here will learn about the lore behind the titans, the Hyldnir, Brann Bronzebeard, and the Sons of Hodir. If you’re into costumes, a popular item is the Iron Boot Flask which can be obtained fairly easily.

  • Dirkee is a giant mechanical super-gnome located by several Titan temples.
  • Skoll – a tameable spirit beast with a unique lightning saber skin.
  • Vyragosa, a blue drake, takes an elaborate flight path around the western part of the zone. She also shares a spawn timer with the Time-Lost Proto Drake, which drops the Reins of the Time-Lost Proto-Drake. To this day I’ve seen and killed Vyragosa several times but have yet to see the Time-Lost in the wild.

The things I go through to get a good shot. This was a tough one to get. He hits hard being a squishy as I spent more time trying to keep myself alive while trying to take a couple of pics. He did get me on that attempt too =/

I finally have a shot of this one! I wrote about this recently in My Favourite rare post.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a live shot of this one but a dead shot (or two) is better than no shot, don’t you think?