I finally made it to one of JD’s raids this morning, although it wasn’t exactly what I expected :P I managed to get together with Coolidge and met in pixel form, JD and the Mrs, plus Kam as well. On the agenda was Black Temple and we managed to kill Mother Shahraz before Coolidge had to leave. Although before we even got to that stage we, or should I say I had a few interruptions along the way. Firstly, on pulling the second boss, I experienced a blackout. Luckily I was able to flick the main switch to get power back after a few minutes. Just after that problem was sorted though, I noticed a gas leak near the power box. So I turned it off while I waited for the gas man to come. Turns out it was a regulator issue. Talk about a busy morning.

Kamalia, Cool, Cym, JD and Faenix

So this is where we were just after killing Mother Shahraz. A pretty groovy bunch of people if you ask me.

Here are a few highlights from the rest of the raid:

We managed to give Illidan a go before one of the elementals melted Kam’s face and then proceeded to do the same to me. The second attempt didn’t go so well with us all experiencing lag issues so we called it there.

So thx JD for an… interesting raid :P

…and Grats to everyone who managed to get some transmog gear.