Chibi Me

Chibi Me

Pst! I have a secret to tell you.

I’ve always wanted a cute chibi of Cymre. I remember seeing the ones on WoWHead’s various guides and thought they were the cutest things. Especially the ones they had for Love is in the Air, Lunar Festival and Children’s Week. They all made me think of my hunter Tallys who was a female Tauren with ‘green eyes’. In fact, that was her nickname for a while on my old server. I was also told by an old guildie that she had the most seductive tail in the game.

Since then, my hunter no longer sports the fur but the muscular physique of an orc. However, I can’t help but think of how she used to look when I see these chibis.

Last week, I was so impressed with Navimie’s Chibi commission by the wonderful and talented Sleepingfox that I sent her an email to say what a great job she did and to find out more. It didn’t take long before I decided to go ahead with a commission of my own.

In fact, it only took about a day to complete the arrangement so I could begin my one week wait (in anticipation). I admit, I originally asked another artist to design an avatar for me but after waiting several weeks while my name reached the top, my hopes of an awesome avatar plummeted when she told me she didn’t think she’d be able to design it according to my specifications. I might have overdone it with the details but that was only because of what I had seen her accomplish with other ones I’d seen on Twitter and through Gravatar.

The week my special comic was due to be published, I was doubly excited as I believed it was going to be the week I also received my brand spanking new avatar. I was ecstatic when she said my first email detailing the costume and hair would be doable. But I think the other details might have thrown her off which is why I received that disappointing DM sometime later. Ironically, I would have been ecstatic for just the costume, it just wasn’t meant to be.

So when I saw this commission from Sleepingfox, I knew I had found the person to create my awesome scrumdiliumcious chibi of my beloved main.

So what did I ask for?

As you may know, I love Tyrande’s outfit so I asked if she could use the one she has on the loading screen, including the boots she wears in-game. I also requested a whip and bubble wand since she’s into Discipline, as Coolidge will tell you…

Lastly, I’ve been wanting to create a star-gazer costume for the longest time as I love astronomy so I asked her to substitute the leaves in her hair for stars. Just look at the way she pulls her hair back :)

You know I think Cymre might have found her new ‘Cymre Jones’ outfit :P

I just LOVE how she turned out!

Thx again Sleepingfox for doing such an exceptional job with all the elements I gave you :D

Laid Back Raid – or was it?

I finally made it to one of JD’s raids this morning, although it wasn’t exactly what I expected :P I managed to get together with Coolidge and met in pixel form, JD and the Mrs, plus Kam as well. On the agenda was Black Temple and we managed to kill Mother Shahraz before Coolidge had to leave. Although before we even got to that stage we, or should I say I had a few interruptions along the way. Firstly, on pulling the second boss, I experienced a blackout. Luckily I was able to flick the main switch to get power back after a few minutes. Just after that problem was sorted though, I noticed a gas leak near the power box. So I turned it off while I waited for the gas man to come. Turns out it was a regulator issue. Talk about a busy morning.

Kamalia, Cool, Cym, JD and Faenix

So this is where we were just after killing Mother Shahraz. A pretty groovy bunch of people if you ask me.

Here are a few highlights from the rest of the raid:

We managed to give Illidan a go before one of the elementals melted Kam’s face and then proceeded to do the same to me. The second attempt didn’t go so well with us all experiencing lag issues so we called it there.

So thx JD for an… interesting raid :P

…and Grats to everyone who managed to get some transmog gear.

Dragonblight Rares

Dragonblight is the central quest hub in Northrend which makes a reappearance in Cataclysm as the backdrop for Dragon Soul and Hour of Twilight in 4.3. It’s an icy valley, covered with the bodies of dead dragons. Players learn about two major plotlines here: the dragonflights at Wyrmrest Temple, and the Wrathgate plot, which has very different stories for Alliance and Horde.

Insert NPC Here

Insert NPC Here

In my recent Twisted Nether interview I was asked: if you could have anything from Blizzard in or out of the game what would it be? I answered an NPC of my main (Cymre) in-game. So this week I suggested the following for @BlogAzeroth’s Shared Topic.

If Blizzard added your main as an NPC in WoW, where would they be located and what would be their function? Give us a shot illustrating the fact.

So a few ideas were going through my head for this. I’m not quite sure what I’m most well known for… is it costumes, transmog, novelty items or rares? I would hope to think all of the above but with my recent rare status, I’d be more inclined to say something that incorporates most of those. Since I have an affinity for places like Uldum and Silithus, I would imagine Cymre in her Tyrande costume, popping up in random locations due to her adventurous nature, acting as a vendor of sorts.

The only problem is, when she pops up at the same time as Akma’hat (one of the rare elites), he scoops her up in his hand like Kologarn so you have to save her while she cries for help. Coolidge knows that when I take a shot of a rare, I like to get nice and close with nothing on the screen except for the mob itself so I often ask him how much health I have left. Quite often it will be quite low :P but you’ll have to tackle this foe before you can interact with her.

I imagine her selling extremely rare transmog pieces which you can no longer acquire in-game, including old quest rewards or drops from Silver Dragons that have since been removed from the game – like the Foreman Vest. The only limitation is that any item bought will also become soulbound once an hour has lapsed so people cannot sell her items for profit. This gives you enough time to send the item to an alt or friend if you wish :)

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