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A couple of days ago, WoW Insider tweeted about my post regarding Pandaren Hunter Pets. I was so excited since it’s the first time I’ve ever been linked to by their site. Not surprisingly, I received a major spike in traffic which is something I hope to experience again soon :P Interestingly enough, most of the traffic came from facebook and not twitter, so I’ve taken the opportunity to create a facebook page. Feel free to ‘like’ if you want an alternate way of keeping up with my Blog news :)

Earlier in the week, I spent a bit of time on the beta trying to locate the other Quilen models with Coolidge so I summoned my Grand Expedition Yak just for the occasion. It didn’t take long before he ended up jumping off as the ride wasn’t that pleasant; I guess he had motion sickness :P

Unfortunately we didn’t find any other Quilens but I decided to go on a bit of a road trip finishing up my Dread Wastes scenic tour.

Ghost Iron deposit

With ore being introduced on the beta, Ghost Iron seems to be the basic form you can mine as I found a whole heap of nodes in The Jade Forest.

Woot! Exploration achievements have been added. I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to working on my achievements when Mists come out. It’s a bit depressing that there’s not much to do on that front although maybe I can do some old raid or dungeon ones sometime.

I found the trolls!

It was bound to happen. There have been trolls in every expansion so far and it seems I might have found the ones in Pandaria, complete with bright red Zandalari raptors. I actually died trying to take a photo of them while they were attacking me – the disadvantage of having no bars on your screen at the time.


A funny thing happened to me yesterday. I tried logging into Diablo III but apparently there was no Diablo account attached to my one. Hmm, that was news to me. At first I thought I might have re-entered my card details wrong following my hacking incident as I removed all methods of payment as a precaution. I also wondered if it was a side effect of the compromise itself. From what I heard, a lot of people were having trouble logging into their D3 accounts for various reasons.

I had read previously that you would lose your characters if you signed up for the Annual Pass and let the payments lapse, whether it was on purpose or not. Cool told me while he was trying to look up my problem that some admitted to trying to get out of their contracts by using up the credit on their cards so Blizzard couldn’t get their upcoming payments. Even if you were trying to do that, why on earth would you admit to it??

Of course I wasn’t as I fully intend on playing out my contract until it expires. So I sent in my web ticket and waited. I usually receive a response back the next morning and this was no different. When I checked my email this morning, I had indeed received an email back from Blizzard titled The World of Warcraft Annual Pass. It read:

Thank you for signing up for the World of Warcraft Annual Pass. The subscription contract for your World of Warcraft account starts today, on 6/9/2012 and ends after 12 months, on 6/9/2013.

Ok well that kind of sucks if they lock me in for another year starting today. So I logged into my account to check if this was the case and I saw my ticket had been marked answered. They believed that D3 being removed may have been a side effect of my recent compromise and continued on to say that they had reinstated my account but no indication about whether my character would be returned also.

Others had stated in the forums that their accounts were returned but their characters were stripped of gear or they had to start from scratch. I really wasn’t looking forward to re-levelling another character, especially since I only play with Cool but luckily when I checked this morning, my wizard was as she was the last time I saw her.


Edit: I resubmitted the ticket to see if I could get the activation date for the Annual Pass backdated and received this response 2mins later:

Your Annual Pass expiration date was backdated to 11/29/12 expiration date. This actually happens after it’s re-added and probably was no notification for that and I’m terribly sorry for any confusion it caused. If there’s anything else I can assist you with please let me know!

May the winds be ever at your back, and gently lead you to great reward!


Author: Cymre

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  1. My husband got hacked just before you did and the same thing happened to his annual pass. He re-ticketed them explaining and they reset the dates to roughly what they had been. Might be worth a try?

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    • I was thinking about whether I should do that earlier today but figured I would probably still be playing then anyway. But after your comment I went ahead and reopened my ticket. A happy ending 2mins later. Thx :)

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  2. Alrighty that solves it I’ll be patching my beta today! I want to explore :-)

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