Those who know me well can tell you that I love Superman. The fact that I loved the Smallville Series, having watched every single episode in all ten seasons, Tom Welling is one of my favourite actors to play the role. The series focused more on his role of Clark Kent rather than Superman but I loved all the Superman references throughout the entire series. But I can’t help but be a little disappointed that we never really got to see him in the full suit even in the finale.

Tom Welling on Smallville – from The CW

Artist: Skage

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Artist: Jeremy Roberts

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I was also a fan of Christopher Reeve in the first Superman movie and thought Brandon Routh did a great job in Superman Returns too (in which I was also cast as an extra in the movie). So it was only natural that I feature the Man of Steel as my first male superhero of the series.

Superman’s costume hasn’t changed a hell of a lot over the years which is unlike a lot of other superheroes out there.

So if you had to choose your three favourite Superheroes, who would they be?

Who knows, you might even see one featured in the upcoming weeks :)

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