Those who know me well can tell you that I love Superman. The fact that I watched every single episode in all ten seasons of Smallville, should prove that to some degree but Tom Welling had a lot to do with the success of the show. The series focused more on his role of Clark Kent rather than Superman but I loved all the Superman references throughout the entire series. I can’t help but be a little disappointed since we never really got to see him in the full suit – even in the finale so it’s nice we have this.

I was also a fan of Christopher Reeve in the first Superman movie and thought Brandon Routh did a great job in Superman Returns (in which I also played an extra) so it was only natural I feature the Man of Steel as my first male superhero of the series.

Superman’s costume hasn’t changed a hell of a lot over the years which is unlike a lot of other superheroes out there.

Superman hoverSuperman-fly

Now, if you had to choose your three favourite superheroes, who would they be?

Who knows, you might even see one featured in the upcoming weeks :)

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  1. 1) Ironman, because Robert Downey Jr. is so hot in that suit…maybe some of it is makeup and padding but who cares, I love the Ironman character in itself for being confident, cocky, but generous at the same time.

    2) Hulk. Misunderstood gentle giant. And he’s green…now that’s kind of exotic…

    3) ….nobody else really appeals to me :( I know he is a Pixar creation but Mr. Incredible was a great character :)

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  2. Nice edits!

    No doubt in my mind that it’s Wolverine and V. They’re both anti-heroes, although V has a more political sense of awareness (but Wolverine is portrayed by Hugh Jackman who is hot! in the movies).

    As for a third, I don’t really know many other superheroes that would appeal to me. If I had to choose a real superhero it would be Batman, otherwise I’m doubting between House and Dexter Morgan.

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  3. Superman is looking good. Well done. Though, you could cheat and do a version of him in his “Son of Darkseid” Armor.

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  4. The Fantastic Four were always my favorite to read long ago, but if it’s a movie I would pick Wolverine because … Hugh Jackman.

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  5. Great superman costume and edits! Looks really good :D

    Spiderman is my favourite superhero of all time. Smart, sassy, studious and with great power comes great responsibility…

    Coming in a close second would have to be Black Canary. Awesome fighter, sexy and knows how to use her abilities and combat skills against someone heavier, stronger.

    Third one is hard. I have so many clamouring for that spot! Well, I’ll just say it’s a tossup between Rogue, Wonder Woman and Blink (from alternate universe XMen)

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  6. I have always been a huge Silver Surfer fan, use to collect his comics when I was a kid. Maybe it was partly to do with dealing with Minnesota winters and skateboarding (they didn’t have snowboards then)

    I always loved Spiderman also. Always wanted to be able to simply climb walls and shoot webs. Although I have a big fear of spiders, go figure.

    Last but not least is Batman. I use to watch the old tv show with Adam West and just loved the whole persona. The gadgets and the car, and of course the Bat Cave. Everyman needs Man Cave!!!

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  7. Very nice!

    I was in my early teens when “Lois & Clark: the New Adventures of Superman” was the hot new iteration of Superman.

    I really enjoy the old campy ’50s Adam West version of Batman.

    I also really liked the 2000s Spiderman movies.

    That’s the big three trio of superheros, but then, I’m not very well-versed in superheros, so, um, yeah…. :P

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  8. Love the outfit!!!
    Can’t wait to see your next superhero outfit they all look amazing!

    I have never really been a super hero fan, I prefer the supernatural. Vamps and Weres are my thing!!!

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    • @Classy – maybe I should have included Supervillains too :)

      @Töki – What edits? :P Thx though. I actually have Wolverine in mind for a future post :)

      @JD – I wasn’t familiar with the Son of Darkseid thing so I had to look it up :P

      @Tome – I’d have to agree with the Hugh Jackman comment…plus he’s an Aussie :)

      @Navimie – I wasn’t content with what I had before so I’ve now added the logo :P Spiderman is another one I’m thinking of doing. Black Canary makes me think of the short-lived ‘Birds of Prey’ show. I always seem to like watching the ones that get canned before the first season ends =/

      @Evilitis – I used to watch the old Batman series as well. I loved watching Wonder Woman especially.

      @Kam – I was beginning to think you had forgotten about my little blog =/ So happy to have you commenting again and you always have something nice to say about my costumes/trasmog.

      I’ve watch those other Superman series’ as well. I also thought the first Spiderman movie was great.

      @Pando – Thx, I think you’re my biggest fan of these :D

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