Sneak Peek: Sha of Anger

One of the upcoming rare elites in Pandaria, the Sha of Anger may be found in Kun-Lai Summit. He’s pretty easy to spot due to his size and used to be marked on the map whenever he was up.

Sha of Anger yells: My wrath flows freely!

These days, you’ll have to go looking for him if you want to tackle this elite. He’s also recently been classified as a rare elite.

He has a habit of teleporting every now and then (btwn three different spots in the zone) but always in the vicinity of other mobs, which can be detrimental as he buffs any unfriendly with Rage of the Sha, basically making them elite mobs with 814K health in the case of the Sprites and 1289K health for the Mushans.

When you’re relatively close to him, you’ll see an obvious change in the colour of the environment.

The other day I went exploring in Kun-Lai Summit again, after seeing the advertisement for “more people – get your Sha kill”. I wasn’t intending to join as I love doing this stuff with Cool but I thought it would be a great opportunity to do some research and take some pics.

It took a bit to find him when I arrived in the zone but after locating him, I saw the group there hadn’t made much of a dent in his health bar, but then again it didn’t seem like there were that many trying it.

If you fail to kill him within a specified time, he teleports to another spot. The same thing happens if you don’t engage him after about 15mins or so. The good thing is, he sacrifices the elite mobs around him as he disappears leaving their corpses and aggressive bonepickers happy to feast on their remains.

I’m really looking forward to trying this guy as well as Galleon… not sure when but it’s definitely on my Bucket List for Mists.

Author: Cymre

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  1. I think I found my comfort level with the beta. I’ve stopped playing it and just get peeks in blog posts and get excited, seems to work best.

    I can’t wait to see him up close, well, not too close!

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    • LOL, I can understand that… glad you like my beta posts :)

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