Grand Expedition Yak

I logged into the Beta today to have a look at what’s changed. Hearthing back to Org, I noticed someone was advertising for more to kill the Sha of Anger in Kun-Lai Summit. So I headed out there to research this thing. All-in-all it was pretty uneventful but more on that later.

So I decided to explore the Summit a little bit more before taking a short break at The Grummle Bazaar. It was here that I discovered one of my new upcoming mounts. I mean who wouldn’t want their own reforger? But then again, I would probably find a mobile transmogrifier a lot more useful :P

While I was deciding whether to hand over my large chunk of gold over, I noticed Madam Lani not looking very happy by the way she was talking to Uncle. So I asked her what the matter was. She replied:

Can you believe the nerve of this little grummle? This shrewd little negotiator will have me bankrupt with his prices in no time.

At that price, that may be true but I thought what the heck, it’s only beta… but that was only after this yak and I came to some sort of understanding. Call it ‘yak whispering’ if you like but he promised never to let me fall while we trekked along all those steep mountain trails.

I must say that the way a female Blood Elf sits on the travel yak leaves a lot to be desired. I mean, they’re very good at mountain climbing but I don’t want to take another fall like I did just last week at my brother’s place. For a bit of back story, I was walking down their carpeted stairwell in a pair of socks (you know those dri-fit nike ones) so it was probably not a good idea. Anyway, they have a very sharp turn, almost 360° in fact, about half way down the stairwell (imagine the bottom of a paper fan opened up) that’s how narrow the steps are.

So I was explaining something to my sister-in-law (who was standing at the bottom of the stairs with my niece) and regardless of the fact that I had my hand on the railing (which incidentally is on the narrow side of the stairwell and not the wide side – which would make sense) I felt my foot sliding off one of the narrow steps, mid-sentence. Now in those first one of two seconds, I couldn’t believe I was sliding down the stairs, hitting each step on my right backside. However, it didn’t take long to shift my focus to “OMG these steps are painful… make it stop”. Let me tell you, I felt every one of those 6 or so steps coming down. My first reaction when I got up was to try and brush it off after my sister-in-law asked if I was ok but I did admit it was really painful.

To make matters worse, a few minutes later, I was having a mouthful of tea thinking about said incident (thinking it was quite embarrassing) and started laughing with my mouthful of tea. I wasn’t going to spurt out my tea all over the place, so I started coughing and ended up near choking… luckily the kitchen sink was near by.

But anyway enough that…

In the end, I splurged 60K to buy this hairy yak as I could definitely use some new coolness in this game, even if it is the beta.

Edit: The price has just been doubled on the beta but with the 10% bartering Guild perk you’ll be paying 108K instead.

So who’s intending on buying one of these beauties?

Borean Tundra Rares

Borean Tundra is located in western Northrend with the frigid island of Coldarra off the coast. It’s made up of mostly ice, punctuated by grasslands and occupied by the Alliance based in Valiance Keep and the Horde based in Warsong Hold. You’ll also encounter the D.E.H.T.A protesting the slaughter of animals, the peaceful Tuskarr driven away from their coastal lands, nerubians and Prince Valanar to the North. The Kirin Tor are there to assist the dragonflights in Coldarra and the mysterious taunka are an ancient branch of the Tauren.

I was surprised when I first opened one of the Abandoned Adventurer’s Satchels – the new drop from the rares. Especially when they contained up to a stack of Frostweave Cloth, some crystallized elements and a unique rare BoE named after them.

  • Icehorn – spawns by Death’s End and is said to be available after a server reset.
  • Old Crystalbark – a frosty ancient tree, is located in Coldarra.
  • Fumblub Gearwind – flies around The Geyser Fields in a helicopter.

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