Nightmare Week in Diablo III

Nightmare Week in Diablo III

Well it’s been a little more than a week and Coolidge and I have taken our time going through Nightmare Difficulty. Although as usual, I wanted to explore all parts of the map and re-watch some of the cut scenes again (which was only my second time). It did seem to take considerably longer with the mobs having more health and such but since this is the second level of difficulty, I’m wondering how much harder the other two will be.

I’ve read some posts from other bloggers like Effy’s recent trials and tribulations in Inferno. It sounds hard but at the same time I’m looking forward to trying them out with Cool.

Earlier in the week I managed to get the Made It Work achievement, meaning I can be more colour coordinated from now on. At this stage, I still have a few of the colours to try but that will come in time after I relaunch the game a few more times.

Wizard - 40

So here we are after defeating the Butcher. I’ll say it was a bit harder but then again I was trying some new talents. Always good to try new stuff for a boss fight :P Worked out though :)

The end of Act II was a little more tricky and again I made good use of the health globes. Honestly, it wasn’t as bad as I expected so that was a nice surprise.

Wizard - 43

After 40 levels, I might have finally settled on a banner design. If you didn’t notice, my banner hadn’t changed for three levels. That’s very unusual for me as I just couldn’t decide on one I liked. I first saw the trim on one of Cool’s toons and was really happy when I managed to get the achievement to use it.

As my main computer still uses a standard screen, I’ve been a little annoyed since Cool always seems to be able to see more stuff going in the distance like letting me know a yellow mob is in the back somewhere or a loot goblin. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to change the screen res in-game so I put up with it. Yesterday I decided to try the letterbox setting in the game options. OMG! I wish I had tried that sooner.

In Act III, I’ve tried quite a few of the other talents and runes just to see what combination I like. As a result, it’s also pretty often that I’ll say “Pinky” to Cool, indicating when I’m using a health pot :P

Wizard - 46

As an experiment, I tried the invisible dye on my chest piece. I think you can tell I liked to look of it, not that Coolidge minded either :P but after finishing Act III today, I decided to show her chest piece again since just looking at her was making me cold.

Wizard - 48

We finally finished Act III today, logging out just as we entered Heaven, ready for Act IV tomorrow.

Netherstorm Rares

Netherstorm Rares

Netherstorm is located in the northern-most part of Outland. It’s covered in magical currents, giving it an cool sci-fi look – except in the protected Eco-Domes, which are lush green. Goblins and Ethereals have made outposts here, as well as the Burning Legion and Kael’thas’ blood elves, with numerous Mana Forges across the region. You’ll also find numerous quests that grant Aldor or Scryer reputation.

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