Through the Ancient Passage

Atop the Veiled Stair, there’s a passage with a couple of NPCs – Brewmaster Boof and Egg Shell. The Brewmaster warns anybody approaching not to venture through the tunnel –  at least on foot. So I graciously take his offer to take me by boat.

A few weeks ago, I made it up here only to find a huge deserted cave. It was also a ‘no-go zone’ as the Blizzard teleporting arrow appeared on my head when I managed to get a fair way inside. Thankfully, I made it back before I was teleported back to the starting area.

These days, you’ll find that travel through the tunnel is now permitted albeit with a warning from the Brewmaster here. Accepting his quest – The Spring Drifter, you’ll be able to traverse the Ancient Passage with him and his companion.

Egg Shell says: Hozen attack grummles.

Egg Shell says: Tigers.
Brewmaster Boof says: Yes, and the tigers.

Not surprisingly, here is where my journey ends. I didn’t pick up any of the quests out here leaving all those storylines for live. I was more interested in exploring all the nooks an’ crannies and also completing the two Archaeology digs I had around the summit. The place is really quite gorgeous, even with all the fighting going on.

You can also have a look at my Kun-Lai Summit gallery if you missed it the first time.

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