Mad-zeroth Libs – The Return

A few days ago, I did the first of these Mad Libs posts. So here I go again with the next instalment.

Here’s the premise – Personalise the list below and then plug your words into the story below!

  1. Common outdoor place
  2. Animal
  3. Intense emotion
  4. Your favorite WoW race, plural
  5. Something your favorite WoW race will never, ever do
  6. A synonym for rock (it can be rock)
  7. Adjective
  8. Herbalism plant
  9. A fish native to Azeroth
  10. Your favorite Avenger (from the movie — don’t get smart with me, comic nerds. I’ll find you.)
  11. Season
  12. Bodily sound
  13. Adjective
  14. Adjective relating to old people
  15. Relationship
  16. Body parts
  17. Proper name

My List:

  1. Fishing hole
  2. Dragon
  3. Excited
  4. Blood Elves
  5. rolls around in the mud
  6. pebble
  7. uninterested
  8. Cinderbloom
  9. Highland Guppy
  10. Thor
  11. Summer
  12. gurgle
  13. agreeable
  14. deafening
  15. sister
  16. toes
  17. Mobus

Let’s see how I did…

Jun Pao and the Tournament of Triumph – Part 1

Jun Pao was a sad panda. Every day, Pao practiced his swordsmanship in a Fishing hole near his home in the Valley of the Four Winds. One summer morning, Jun Pao was perfecting his Dragon-style strikes when he slipped and fell on a crumpled-up note. It read:

All challengers welcome! The fearsome orc Gormash the Excited will fight any and all comers for the ultimate prize! Honour and glory until Blood Elves successfully roll around in the mud awaits anyone who can defeat me!

Meet me at the big pebble.



This was it, Jun Pao thought. Defeating this uninterested brute in battle would surely be the final challenge, and his training would be complete. Pao quickly stuffed his Cinderbloom and Highland Guppy sandwich into his Thor lunchbox, took a swig off his minikeg of Summergurgle Ale, and bounded off for triumph.

“Jun Pao!” a voice called after the anxious pandaren. It was ol’ Master Ho, still as agreeable and deafening as ever. Jun was like a sister to the master — he wanted to make the old man proud. Jun put his toes together and bowed, promising to return to his master with tales of honour, fun, and slapping Mobus in the face.

Afterthought: Not sure how successful his practice session would have been in a fishing hole but it would probably do well for his ‘girlish’ figure :P

Confusing Treasure Map

I was exploring Krasarang Wilds the other day and managed to aggro one of the Unga Fish-Getters overfishing Nayeli Lagoon. I wanted to get a closer look at them because I noticed the fish near me getting speared. Turning around one of the Unga Fish-getters swam out to retrieve his catch. Apparently a little too close to me but I was trying to take a pic…

Upon killing him, he dropped a Confusing Treasure Map. I was excited when I first saw the item as I loved the Captain Sanders one in Westfall, hoping it would be something similar.

At first I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do it as I’m saving what I can for live in terms of quests, etc. so I left it in my bag for a few days. After checking out Angler’s Wharf again, I decided to do it. I was really curious to see what the treasure was but it wasn’t a quest chain like I had anticipated.

The “buried treasure” can be found all over the beach in Lumps of Sand. Buried by Unga Treasure-Hiders, one of the sand piles may actually have something other than an [Empty Barrel] or a [Banana Peel]…

Behold The Golden Banana

The reward is called The Golden Banana, a soulbound item you can use to throw a fair distance with a 20min CD. The flavour text reads: Solid gold and obscenely heavy.

On a side note, while walking close to one of the moving fish piles, I managed to get a pick-up quest to help the small fish flopping around. All you have to do is save some of the fish by interacting with one of the smaller live ones to throw it back into the water.

Teldrassil Rares

Teldrassil is the starter zone for the night elves. Players learn how times have changed since Malfurion Stormrage has returned to Darnassus and how Fandrel Staghelm was corrupted. It’s a lush spiritual zone, set on an island that’s also a world tree with the elven capital city of Darnassus built in it’s branches.

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