Act IV Complete

Having completed Act III earlier today I was game to see how hard Act IV was. It really did seem very short as you’re exploring Heaven which isn’t really a big place.

Before too long I was fighting Rakanoth, a servant of Azmodan. He was actually quite tough to me as I died the first time.

Thoughout this Act, Imperius – the Archangel of Valour kicks up a stink as he doesn’t trust humans and considers me a threat, especially in Heaven. Never-the-less he lets me pass and I find myself before Diablo himself. This is only after I find that my follower can’t follow me any further.

Ah, Diablo we meet again. It may have been nine or so years since we last met and you had the better of me then but I’ve had a lot of gaming experience since then :P

I will admit that even today he had the better of me for a while. I died on the first part and then managed to get to the second phase – the Realm of Terror (where you fight your own shadow as well as Diablo’s). I was all excited when I managed to kill him in this realm, only to find that I was teleported again back to my normal realm. Sigh…

This is where I had the most difficulty. You’ll find that whatever health you had going into the other realm is what you have for the next phase of the fight. On one particular try, I was very low which ended up being my downfall on that attempt. So watch your health at all times.

I did use a fair amount of potions as well as several defensive abilities. In the normal realm there were two healing wells, one mid left and the other mid right. In the Shadow realm, my shadows often dropped a health globe which came in very handy as well.

So after a few tries, I decided to take a break, get something to eat and repair before I attempted to try this again. Coolidge even had another weapon for me to use so I was all set to go again. I’m happy to say that I’ve now completed the game on Normal Difficulty! I was determined to do this alone – for myself (with the exception of Act I so I could get the gist of who to play, objectives and all that – so thanks Cool for getting me through the start. You don’t know how good it feels to say that I kicked Diablo’s arse FINALLY!

Coolidge did say he knew I could do it. I did too, it was just a matter of time and some perserverence!

Unfortunately, I didn’t really get anything useful from the drops but this is what she looks like at the end of Normal Difficulty. I forgot to take a screenshot while I was in Act IV so I don’t have a cool Heaven background. Hopefully I can get one the next time around.

Wizard - Level 32

I have to say though, one of the most satisfying screenshots I’ve taken in the game is this one…

Now to start collecting those Pages of Jewelcrafting and Tomes of Jewelcrafting.

See you in Nightmare :D

Author: Cymre

Disc priest and relic hunter who loves collecting achievements, silver dragon shots and all things pets. You may know me as Cymre Brightblade. Catch all the pet battle strategies on my YouTube channel - CymreJones

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  1. GRATS!!! I have yet to go back and kill diablo, he kicked my arse pretty solidly on my first attempt :)

    Well done – did you find it a little short?

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  2. Grats on your Diablo Kill!
    He reminds me of the alien queen from the Alien Movies :)

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    • @Coolidge – You know I saw them but it didn’t really click :P I had other things on my mind…

      @Dragonray – TY! I did find it short compared to the others. I even went into the two dungeons on level 2. In all honesty he took me a fair few tries before I beat him as I had already been playing for several hours. The break really did the trick though. GL for you though. :)

      @Pando – Thx! It felt so satisfying.. took a few secs for me to be sure I’d done it as he was exploding :P

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