Act II Complete

Last night, I logged in to see if I could defeat the first boss in Borderlands. It took me a few goes on my laptop (as I attempted to play in bed) but I finally got her! Whoo hoo!

Kiting the adds around seemed to do the trick and I’ve started using my Templar as my companion which has really been handy at times.

Wizard - Level 21

During Part II, we’re tasked with putting together Kulle’s body. I must say that I thought he had a pretty creepy voice so he played his part very well. But then again, we did have a talking head in our bags…

So I must be getting better because I one-shot this guy! Not sure if he’s one of the easier ones in the game or how long that will last though because according to Cool, the last boss in Act II is the most difficult one in the game. At this stage, I didn’t know who the boss was and didn’t want to know as I wanted it to be a surprise, like everything else. So I asked for no hints so I could see what I was dealing with and how I would do.

When I started the fight, there were the usual mobs and I was excited when I got Belial to around 20% without too much effort… that is until he reset his health and morphed into some huge demon with pincers. This is where things got tricky. I died a few times trying to get this bit down and had to port back to town to repair after most (if not all of) my gear had broken. I even changed one of my talents around before trying again.

After my trip back, I levelled just as the fight started. Gah! I wanted to look at my talents and see if I could change a couple of things around, so while I was fighting the initial mobs again, I decided to try and change my talents anyway. Luckily for me I didn’t die this attempt and just kept moving when those green puddles came. Also watch his huge pincers as they’ll likely strike around where you’re standing.

I made sure to soak up all the health globes I could. In fact, just to be safe I used every one I could see, timing them between the stuff on the ground or at least manoeuvred myself (sometimes using teleport) when things got dicey :P

But I FINALLY did it!

I’m so proud of myself and also surprised by how much I’m enjoying this game. I don’t see it taking over my love of WoW but it sure came out at the right time. By the time I’m done with this game (not sure how many toons I’ll make or difficulties I’ll get through but) it’ll probably be around the time that Mists comes out.

Wizard - Level 25

So this is how I look at the end of Act II. I was so excited when I had an offhand that wasn’t a book. I mean we all need some stress balls at some stage of our lives, don’t we? :P

Stay tuned for Act III…

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  1. You are so right, Diablo came out at a perfect time. I just hope the new has worn off for me when Mists releases!

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