The Skeleton King

An interesting thing happened to me today. Yesterday I had logged out in the cathedral all set to explore the crypts today after first helping my Templar (follower). So today when I logged back in, I was just at the portal to go to level three of the Cathedral but decided to explore the whole floor as I always like to discover all the parts of the map. Especially in WoW where you even get achievements for that very thing.

Wizard - Level 8

So I made my way down to Leoric’s Passage and wasn’t sure at first which passage to take – should I take The Cathedral Gardens path or go to Cathedral Level 1? At first I took the Cathedral Gardens route, realising soon after that the place looked awfully familiar and went back down. I admit yesterday (which was my first day of playing) was a bit of a blur as I ended up just following Coolidge around so I didn’t really pay attention to where things were. I just listened when he said “let’s take this waypoint here to town” or “Ok, now we have our own portal”.

Anyway, back to what I was saying.

I took the port back to Leoric’s Passage and went down to Level 1. Explored the whole floor and found there was nowhere else to go so went back up to the Gardens. This must be the way to the crypts I thought, somewhere outside in the gardens. So I found this old hidden cellar, killed a few things, nope not the right place and headed back along old Tristam Road and found another Dank Cellar to go down into. Suddenly I saw a purple mob called Sarkoth. Hang on a minute… I killed him yesterday. When I told Coolidge who I had run into, he said I had been going backwards. Geez, doesn’t a crypt mean you need to work your way down? At least I thought so…

Coolidge told me to go back to town and retrace my steps. I couldn’t see what good that would do as I knew I was in the right place being in the Cathedral to begin with. But after killing that same purple mob as yesterday I decided it would be quicker to hearth back to town and see what the waypoint options were. I saw the (quest) goblet to go to Level 3 of the Cathedral so I took it.


When I got there, I opened the big map (pressing ‘M’ or tab) to see that there was actually a level 4. Really? Going UP to a crypt. Blizzard you make no sense to me right now. But I made my way up exploring every inch of the floor until I saw the door for the Royal Crypts. Bingo! When I went through, it was quite exciting as I picked up a sword, listened to some ghosts talking and had to ‘defeat the four pillars’. After that, I looked around until I came to a big slow opening door – I had finally reached the Crypt of the Skeleton King!

I wasn’t sure how hard the fight would be so I just did my thing making good use of my Diamond Skin ability and other stuff. I finally made use of those health potions too. I’m happy to say I didn’t die. So HURRAY to me! Now although that may not be much of an accomplishment to all the veteran Diablo or multi-MMO players out there but it was certainly an achievement to me! Not only that but I managed to get my first yellow item, a pair of boots!

Wizard - Level 10

This is how she looks as of this moment. My wizard is looking a lot more … wizard like today with a wizard’s hat and wand that even yielded it’s own achievement! Earlier, I had a cool looking globe off-hand which I wish was better than this book as I think she looks a bit silly running and reading at the same time. I think to challenge myself I’ll be grouping with Cool until we get to one of those bosses so I can slowly get my revenge on being unable to finish D2 the first time ’round.

So Diablo – I’ll be coming to get you soon!


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May 17, 2012 at 9:16 pm

I’ve spent most of my time being lost underground. It seems my character loses her sense of direction as soon as she’s not outside. Must be a Barbarian thing :)

May 18, 2012 at 6:59 am

Yay! How funny, I’m playing a wizard too! I look forward to trying my encounter with the skeleton king.

    May 18, 2012 at 12:23 pm

    @Coolidge – LMAO, Good times…

    @Tome – Hoping it gets better from now on. Actually, I’m sure that was the worst of it :)

    @Navimie – GL! :)

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