Tavern in the Mists

Tavern in the Mists

The Tavern can be found atop the Path of a Hundred Steps on the Veiled Stair. You can find the path leading up from the north side of The Valley of the Four Winds. There’s even a flight path at the bottom of the stairs. When I discovered the spot a couple of weeks ago, the place was empty; until I ventured out back.

On my first trip out there

Not sure who they were but it sure looked like they weren’t going anywhere in a hurry. Not that I could blame them :P

The NPCs seem to alternate though as the second time I arrived today the tub was empty. However a few hours later…

Today I went back to the area after hearing about some additions.

These days you’ll find an Innkeeper, Flight Master and even Stable Master here. A bit of a funny bug on the kite though as I appear to be hovering in a seated position under the kite. Such a great balancing act if I do say so myself, or should I say levitating act?

The terrace appears to be the headquarters of a pandaren black market, as well as the current location of Wrathion.

What’s interesting about the market is the fact that you’ll be able to buy items never before sold or maybe just unlucky to fish up like the Riding Turtle. Or maybe you’ve killed Deathwing but haven’t managed to win the Reins of the Blazing Drake yet. No problem, as you’ll be seeing that too according to what’s been data-mined. There’s even talk of the T3 sets being sold which aren’t available in the game any more. It was hoped that these Naxx sets might be added to the Darkmoon vendor over time but if this goes ahead, there may not be any need.

Check out what happened when I tried to access the AH

A lot of people won’t like the fact that their Ashes of Al’ar won’t be as rare any more. So love it or hate it, as there may end up being something for everyone. But be prepared to pay a pretty penny as the mounts appear to range from 20K and up while armour pieces and pets will be set at 10K.

I for one would love to be able to buy my T3 set on my Priest, but my priority of funds will probably go towards levelling up my professions and making my wondercat :P

What do you guys think? Planning on making any of these purchases?

Professor Cymre and the Scepter of Azj’Aqir

Professor Cymre and the Scepter of Azj’Aqir

Since I had so much fun participating in the Fishing Shared Topic over at Blog Azeroth a while ago, I thought about suggesting one that highlights another profession I love, so here’s my take on Archaeology.

What’s so special about the Scepter of Azj’Aqir? Do you have an absolute favourite/s that you’ve gathered from the profession? Which ones, if any, continue to be the bane of your existence? Show us pics illustrating those pieces, including an outfit if you use one.

Cymre Jones outfit

It was hard to pick a favourite for this as there are two that come to mind straight away. Both come from unearthing Tol’vir artifacts, one of course being the Scepter of Azj’Aqir and the other – the Crawling Claw.

The outfit above was originally used in a Hallow’s End contest hosted by Kirina’s Closet, earning me an Honourable mention. More recently it’s been my go to outfit when I’m in the mood for some adventure. My latest trip involved the exploration of the Darkmoon Underwater Cavern. If you haven’t seen it yet, put it on your “to do” list for next month!

Scepter of Azj'Aqir, Inside AQ20

I’ve actually been lucky enough to get the mount on not one but two toons. Originally completing it on my Druid which was anticlimactic since I was trying to farm the Vial of the Sands recipe on my Alchemist. Luckily, I managed to get the right canopic jar after a lot of tries. After a long break from the profession, I managed to get it on Cymre as well. But then I guess it was bound to happen as you can only complete each rare once per character so it was just a matter of time. :)

When I first saw the that the Mummified Monkey Paw was the next artifact in the book to be completed, I was excited! A major negative though, was the fact that Tol’vir digs were really hard to come by but it seemed like an even bigger accomplishment when it was completed. I’m still waiting to have a proper paper/rock/scissors match though so let me know if any of you have one.

The only time I’ve seen someone else with the claw was when I was hitting up the reforger in the old location of the enchanting shop sometime last year. Before I knew what was happening, the match was over and their claw had disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Now for the more annoying items.

I was going to try and get both staffs, initially to use but later for possible transmog options. After looking up their design and still having trouble discovering either of them, I gave up in the end.

I’m tempted to post more pics here about Archaeology but since I’ve written about them before, I’ll just direct you to the top menu of my ‘Novelty Items’ page :)


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