Felwood Rares

Felwood is a corrupted forest filled with tainted creatures of the woods, demonic satyrs and infernals, rotting treants and ancients. It’s also home to one of two pure tribes of furbolgs left in the world — the Timbermaw. Recent events have introduced new Worgen/Goblin settlements and quests dealing with the deforestation of the Irontree Woods.

Olm is the only rare I had to put myself “At War” with before I could tame.

Wonder Woman

A 1941 sketch reveals the character’s creators were conflicted about the Amazonian’s looks right from the beginning. The sketches by artist Harry G. Peter are surrounded by notes from Peter and William Moulton Marston.

Original Sketches of Wonder Woman

How cool are they?

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Wonder Woman return by Artgerm

To do this outfit justice (get it? :P), I’ve expanded from cloth-only pieces and incorporated some mail and plate items. For that to happen, I’ve used my Paladin as the model.

The most important part of this costume is the Starfire Tiara which drops from Jed Runewatcher, a rare in UBRS. Be warned, he’s not often in the instance.

Times like these I wish we had whips in the game but then they’d probably need their own slot. Well that and being a Disc priest :P

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