From Draenor with Mischief

A few weeks ago, I was announced as the winner to Kamalia’s Great Noblegarden Egg Hunt. I have to say that I was really excited about the possibility of winning this as it was the first year I’ve had a chance to be involved. Even better news was the fact that Rades (who was the winner of the last two) would not be competing this year, which meant I had a decent chance of winning :P

In the end there were still quite a few I didn’t manage to find due to some really sneaky and creative bloggers. However, my happy ending came when I received that winning email. The First Prize was a guest strip in an upcoming episode of From Draenor With Love. As a follower of the comic, I was curious to see what kind of antics they could come up with for my character (even Coolidge makes a cameo appearance). But how could I be anything but ecstatic with this result? I absolutely love it!! :D

So without further ado, read on for some serious awesomeness!

Cymre has been known to drop:

  • Red Velvet Cupcake recipe – eating one will increase your chances of getting the transmog item you desire from any rare (lasts one hour)
  • Pocket Pali – Coolidge look-alike who will fight for you for the next 10mins (consumable, one charge only)
  • One of the new JC mounts coming in Mists (1% chance)

Thanks so much to Vidyala and Rades for such an awesome prize and to Kamalia for making it all possible. :D

Hugs all ’round!

Oh and you know the spawn timer on Poseidus and Time Lost? Well, it’s worse than that… Mwahaha!

Author: Cymre

Disc priest and relic hunter who loves collecting achievements, silver dragon shots and pets. Other hobbies include transmog / costumes, novelty items and all things pets.

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  1. That’s gotta be one of the BEST PRIZES EVER. Grats :D :D

    Cymre drops a mount?!?!?! QUICK, AFTER HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

    We need confirmation of her respawn timer…. :p

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  2. Congrats again! You are a rare prize on my blogroll indeed <3

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  3. Awww so sweet of them :) Millions grats!!

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  4. That’s wonderful! And I don’t know how you managed to find all those eggs!

    And they really captured how I imagine Cymre, but you better run before someone captures you!

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  5. Congrats! This is really cute, suits you well I think :D

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  6. Congrats! That is a fantastic prize and it looks brilliant! Nice work Vid and Rades! I think it’s so suited to you this whole rare thing! :D

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  7. Haha, thats awesome!!! Congrats!!! =D

    It’s Cymre camping time everyone!!!

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  8. Oh, that is awesome! To be immortalized in art, how amazing! And beautiful! Don’t worry – if I spot you on my mage you will be able to run away before any damage is done!

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  9. Oh, that’s such an appropriate comic :) Well done to Stacey and Mike and well done to you for finding the eggs :)

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    • @Cynwise – Don’t worry, I’m already gone! :P

      @Godmother – that’s for me to know… and I’m not telling!

      @Kamalia – You are too sweet and thx again for setting it up :)

      @Cate – TY! TY!

      @Tome – You know, I felt like I was going crosseyed because I really wanted to win :P Wasn’t sure I would as I didn’t find them all…

      @Kaleri – I couldn’t agree more. The next best thing to having your own NPC in the game would be to be a rare spawn myself :D

      @Coolidge – Shh

      @Navimie – You know it! :D

      @Euphyley – Be gentle :P

      @Ambermist – Thx for commenting :)

      @Matty – I appreciate that, the amount of times I go AFK, I’d be easy pickings =/

      @JD – Thx :D

      @Mabaho – /Agreed and Thx :) OH and it looks like you need to update the email address on your Gravatar :P

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