The Hinterlands Rares

The Hinterlands are home to the Wildhammer Dwarves to the west at Aerie Peak and the forest trolls to the east who are divided into three separate tribes. The Revantusk tribe is the only one of the three that has declared sides in the Horde/Alliance conflict and support the Horde. The Vilebranch tribe holds residence in the massive troll city of Jintha’Alor as well as the Altar of Zul while the Witherbark tribe holds the smallest influence, hailing from the temples of Shadra’Alor.

In the northern part of the region is the ancient, massive tree, Seradane where the agents of the Green dragonflight have been corrupted. A massive portal on the side of the tree previously connected the servants of the Aspect Ysera to her own realm, the Emerald Dream.


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    I think Rathtalon looks best when he’s in his little moonlight thing. Interesting that Jalinde looks different in horde and alliance…

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    • Those two pics were both taken in vanilla so their spots have changed. Rathtalon used to wander around the area (not on the moonbeam hill like he is now) and the 2nd Jalinde shot was before they introduced BE’s to the game. All the high elves looked fugly back then. Just like the ones in EPL way back when.

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