This year, the holiday will begin on April 29 and end on May 5.

One quest has changed this year. Previously, we were asked to visit the raceway in Thousand Needles but due to changes from the Shattering the quest has now been changed to Ridin’ the Rocketway.

The rest of the quests appear to be the same, including an ice cream treat and flying a kite together.

The most exciting thing for me is that I FINALLY have all of the pets! Being a Blood Elf, I was always one behind with the ones in Orgrimmar. So yesterday, I was able to complete my collection with the Rat Cage.

For those who don’t have all the pets on your main, don’t worry as Mists will be bringing account wide pets, meaning you can have them all spread out amongst all your toons on the same account right now. So if you’re missing some, just do the quests and collect a different pet on each toon.

Alternatively, if you already have all the pets, you can choose one of the other two rewards: Magical Pet Biscuit (new for this year and works just like Papa Hummel’s Old-Fashioned Pet Biscuit – the TCG item) or Curmudgeon’s Payoff.