Priest Changes – Build 15650

Here are a few more changes in the latest build.


My current tree

Playing around with two of the other talents today, I tried out Mindbender and Spectral Guise. At first I thought we might have the regular shadowfiend and this other one as two sources of mana. However, that’s not the case as your current shadowfiend gets replaced by this improved one. Does double the damage at a 4min CD and lasts about the same amount of time.

Mindbender - my new improved shadowfield

Spectral Guise

Not much to say about Spectral Guise atm, just wanted to try it out really. Still leaves you in combat, even though you’re technically invisible but might be a nice little breather when needed. Although three direct hits and it’s cancelled.

Currently at 163K heath, one stack of Spirit Shell absorbs 55,078 damage. Based on my current gear, I need two casts to cap out at 65,485. Still pretty slow at a cast of 2.28sec unfortunately. Since they’ve removed Greater Heal, I don’t really see this as being a viable option atm without some sort of filler spell.

Glyph of Penance – Increases the mana cost of Penance by 20% but allows Penance to be cast while moving. Without the glyph the cost is 3720, glyphed 4463

I do like the idea of being able to cast while moving, just like during the Alys fight. Will need to test it out in a dungeon or something as I didn’t get a chance today.

An interesting thing happened when I was trying to do a dig at the Temple of the Red Crane.

According to the tooltip for Void Tendrils, there’s a 30sec CD. As I tried to pick up my fragments while fighting a Haunt of Despair, I set off one of my tendrils on it. I was surprised to see after a few seconds, I could lay another one on it so I thought I’d try something. Since the CD on my tendrils wasn’t counting down I just spammed the button for several more seconds. I thought 10 would be a good number :P

Not too good for my mana pool but it sure was fun :)

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