Durotar is the Horde starting zone for orcs. Thrall chose this land for the orcs to settle in, naming it Durotar after his father, Durotan. After the Shattering, more of the zone is flooded from the Southfury River, and the quests reflect Hellscream’s new military rule.

In the south of Durotar are the Echo Isles, the ancestral home of the Darkspear Trolls as well as the new starting zone for trolls. Vol’jin, the leader of the trolls, has relocated here after tensions between Hellscream and the trolls.

Sergeant Curtis

This rare replaced Watch Commander Zalaphil post Cataclysm

Watch Commander Zalaphil

A Kul’Tiras marine removed in Cataclysm

This rare has been removed in Cataclysm