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Today I discovered a new blog through Twitter written by The Pink Pally over at Avocation WoW. This challenge, started by Vidyala, was going around last year, but since I wasn’t blogging back then, here’s my contribution. Usually in the mornings it seems like my twitter feed has exploded so I generally look at the my Interactions or Mentions tabs. If I’m feeling a bit more courageous, I’ll wade through the feed on my phone – TweetDeck is great for catching up where you left off with the news feed last time.

I can definitely relate with some of the things Vidyala had said. I do feel empathy for people whether they are in the game, their writing, people I know and in the world. I’ve been told fairly often about not “being so nice to people” in-game. That’s how I ran my Guild and that’s how I handle myself in dungeons/raids. Yesterday I had rolled need on the first two cloth/caster items in our random dungeon as both items were upgrades. On the last boss another item dropped that I could use for my levelling priest (yes, another priest) and I saw the item was also an upgrade so I was hesitant about rolling need on it as I was feeling greedy. I saw the mage in the group had rolled need already so I just rolled greed knowing I wouldn’t win. I was fine with that.

However, I do miss raiding. It’s been a few weeks since the dissolution of my Guild now but there are still aspects I miss. The fact that only one Guildie had some positive things to say tells me a lot. It hurts to know that only one person cared enough to even make the effort to leave things on a positive note or make contact – Thanks Zes. But there’s one in particular who didn’t even respond from the several attempts at contact. Unfortunately, this also meant that I didn’t have it in me to read how well other Guilds were going in terms of progression because things still felt raw. But it’s been a few weeks now and I’m feeling a bit better about the state of things.

The WoW Blogging community is something I feel very fortunate to be a part of. There are times when I’m just itching to get a post out and can’t wait to write it or publish. There are also times when I just need to get something off my chest. All-in-all it’s been a very positive and warming experience since I’ve met so many wonderful people through this medium.

So here is the challenge Vidyala proposed:

If you’re a blogger: Find a new blog today that looks promising, that you enjoy. Link to it on your blog. Leave an encouraging comment! What I’m talking about doesn’t even have to be a new blog, though, even just ‘new to you!’. You can find great treasures in people’s blogrolls if you browse around. Link love, recognition, and feedback are what make us more than just a random grouping of people talking to nobody in particular. They keep us together, they make us a community. It’s our attitude and recognition of each other that will ensure we continue to be engaged and enthusiastic about blogging.

Here’s my second challenge, for non-bloggers. If you have found a blog recently that you enjoy reading, if you appreciate the content there – whether it’s guides, points of view, or just something to make you laugh – leave a comment. It doesn’t have to be a LONG comment, and you don’t have to leave twenty comments a day on various blogs. But taking the time to comment is a huge part of what encourages bloggers to keep going. Knowing that people are reading but not saying anything can be worse than knowing that nobody is reading. Even if it’s just a comment saying, “Thanks for taking the time to compile this information, it’s been really helpful.” I don’t know any bloggers that don’t love to receive a comment. We thrive on it, because it lets us know that people care about what we have to say.

I admit that I have a lot more blogs in my reader than I do on my blogroll. Similar to what Big Bear Butt did a while ago. My blogroll tends to stay fairly short and concise for the blogs I visit often. However, I would like to spotlight two particular sites.

So remember, by leaving a comment on someone’s blog or getting referrals from someone’s blogroll can we help keep the community alive. It’s this interaction and validation that I feel keeps the WoW blogging community so rich and fluid.

Are there any new gems you’ve found recently?

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