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Here’s one of the other outfits I came up with for my Mog Madness challenge. I really wanted to use the shield and mace from AQ but the the total ensemble I came up with didn’t have much of a Paladin or DK feel to them for the challenge.

Even though there’s a slight bug feel to this outfit, I don’t feel that you need huge or bulky items to get your point across. The shield and weapon are quite delicate pieces so I wanted to follow the same kind of slimline concept throughout the whole outfit; it certainly doesn’t mean she’s any less deadly.

Head: Faceguard of the Endless Watch
Shoulder: Dreadmaul Pauldrons
Chest: Wildguard Breastplate
Waist: Cataclysmic Gladiator’s Girdle of Prowess
Legs: Dreadmaul Legplates
Hands: Gauntlets of Temporal Interference
Feet: Grinning Skull Greatboots
Main Hand: Scepter of the False Prophet
Shield: Blessed Qiraji Bulwark

Mog Madness – Round Five

Can you believe it? I made it to the final round!

A few days ago, I found out that I had won the Great Blog Noblegarden Egg Hunt. Not only that but I had come second in the Fourth Round of Mog Madness.

JD sure picked an interesting theme for the final round; although he says he only just realised the significance of the challenge name with this final theme :P

Mog Madness Finals:

  • When: April 16th – April 20th (judging results revealed April 22nd)
  • Who: Missescake, Cymre, Reluctant Raider, Kamalia, Tolbi.
  • How: Send an e-mail with your screenshot(s) to arcanewordsmith@gmail.com or post your entry on the Mog Madness page of Amateur Azerothian, Tome of the Ancients, or Effraeti’s RP.
  • Mog Requirement: For the finals, contestants must create an “Anti-Paladin of the Old God.”  To elaborate, your outfit can include anything for a Paladin or Death Knight.  You must also choose whether your entry is an Anti-Paladin for C’thun or for Yogg-Saron (Judge’s tip…avoid looking anything like Twilight Cultists).

Talk about some stiff competition. The other four finalists have offered some very consistent mogging skills up until now. But we’ll have to see who rises above the rest in this epic final round. It took a while before I had decided upon a theme for this challenge. Should I go with C’thun in AQ which offers some very cool things for a more bug-like look or Yogg in Ulduar who has some of the most mog-worthy items in the game?

After a lot of playing around with various colours and hero pieces, I went with the Anti-Paladin look for C’thun.

As the final boss in the Temple of Ahn’Qiraj. C’Thun was one of the five Old Gods, stripped of his full power by warring Titans. He fell to Azeroth, settling in the arid desert of Silithus, and slowly manipulated the native Silithid race into an army of his own image, the Qiraji. The great fortress city of Ahn’Qiraj was created to house their growing armies and prepare for the coming of C’Thun.

Throughout Ahn’Qiraj, you can periodically hear the whisperings of the Old God:

Death is close…
You are already dead.
Your courage will fail.
Your friends will abandon you.
You will betray your friends.
You will die.
You are weak.
Your heart will explode.

Although, my Paladin must have done something right as she received the Blessing of the Old God.

Head: Replica Soulforge Helm
Shoulder: Gladiator’s Lamellar Shoulders
Chest: Breastplate of Many Graces
Waist: Ruthless Gladiator’s Girdle of Cruelty
Legs: Casssock of the Loyal
Hands: Gauntlets of Annihilation
Feet: Vortex Walking Boots
Main Hand: Dark Edge of Insanity

The great thing about this weapon is that it has a blinking animation. It’s quite freaky :)

Oh, and to remind you just how epic this boss was back then, here’s a video:

Alternate Options
Feet: Acherus Knight’s Greaves

I’m a big fan of these shoes, but a certain Pali I know said that plate wearers are tough and don’t go around showing their toes. What can I say? I’m a cloth wearer at heart :P

I had so many combinations rolling around that I just couldn’t decide which one I wanted to use until the final day. So I’ll do a few posts later to showcase my other outfits.

Good luck to the other four finalists :)

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