Hillsbrad Foothills Rares

Hillsbrad Foothills was radically changed in Cataclysm. A former grassy zone with World PvP between the Alliance town of Southshore and the Horde town of Tarren Mill, the Forsaken have taken over the zone after the Shattering. Southshore has been destroyed due to plague experiments, and toxic waste covers a lot of the zone. The zone has also merged with Alterac Mountains, where you’ll find a lot of Syndicate and ogres. Around Winter Veil, you’ll be sure to find the Abominable Greench being a huge nuisance. Players can also queue for Alterac Valley and pick up associated quests.

If you’ve completed the quests since the Shattering, you’ll notice a lot of  new storylines in the area, inc. the series of  quests that turns your character into a quest giver ordering NPCs around like Johnny Awesome.

She was one of my pets for a time

Pre Cata - he looked like a normal bear

Boy have times changed

This is the new model for Stone Fury (seen below)

His updated model shows he's no longer a caster, just look at his armour and huge hammer

Pre Cata shows his old model


Pools of Purity

The Pools of Purity in the Valley of the Four Winds is a gorgeous spot to visit, especially if you like lotus flowers. Before I had even received any quests for the area, I explored the whole zone, pausing for a few minutes in this spot to take in the view. This is by far one of my favourite areas in the whole zone.

Here Ashyo, a wise Jinyu, is investigating the magical properties of the central waterfall that makes the Pandaren vegetables grow so large.

The next day, we managed to get a couple of quests for this spot. It didn’t take long before the quests took us in another direction though.

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