Tanaris Rares

Tanaris is a desert in southern Kalimdor where you’ll find both Gadgetzan, a major city of the Steamwheedle cartel, and the Caverns of Time. If you’re into fun items, one of the NPC’s in Gadgetzan sells Noggenfogger Elixir, an unpredictable disguise elixir. It also involves the pre-quest which leads you into Uldum. With a whopping 18 rares in the area, let’s get started, shall we?

Pre Cata - another great action shot

Haarka the Ravenous

Pre Cata - he looks similar to the other ogres in the area

I recently wrote about my short engagement with Fronkle. Read more…

This rare is no longer in the game


Mulgore rares

Mulgore is the starting zone for Tauren characters, a zone filled with grassy plains, including a curious plateau of fighting vermin bordering the high mountains. The quests teach players about Tauren spirituality and the Earthmother, as well as covering the political changes related to Baine. Players are also introduced to the vast array of wildlife and hunt in the zone.

The Jade Serpent

While questing in The Jade Forest, you’ll find the main chain leads you directly into the Temple of the Jade Serpent. Not only do you end up questing inside the temple but it’s also the location of the first dungeon you encounter, in an attempt to undo a lot of bad stuff that’s been happening as a result.

Before embarking on our journey, however, Coolidge stated that he would need some sustenance by stopping at his favourite noodle bar beforehand. Boys and their stomachs. /Sheesh!

Players begin by tracking down jade shipments for a sassy pandaren, Foreman Mann.

From there, you’re asked to make some jade deliveries…

Once enough Jade is collected, you’re tasked with sending word of the progress to Yu’Lon. Yu’Lon puts you through a series of tests to prove your honesty before talking directly to you. Here you’ll do quests in the Heart of Jade, Scrollkeeper’s Sanctum and Fountain of the Overseeing subsections of the Temple.

jade serpent deception

Finally, Yu’Lon will fly you around the jade statue, still under construction, talking about her hopes to fuse her spirit with the finished product. However, there’s still a few unsolved mysteries to solve. Most importantly, the increased presence of the Sha, the physical manifestation of negative energy.

All-in-all this was a very enjoyable chain of events which does in fact lead you into the Dungeon. There also aren’t too many cut scenes which seemed to be overly done in Uldum, which I think is a good thing.

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