April Fool’s Day 2012

I logged into the live server to do my Darkmoon Dailies after midnight so I could get in my extra day of dailies only to find a loud booming voice on loading screen. It said,

I remember you, in the mountains…

I said to Cool, What the heck was that? he said What? So I told him and he replies, “That’s Thorim, he’s the only one I know who says that…” Ok, but why am I hearing that, I thought? So when I went through the Darkmoon portal I heard something again.


Hmm, ok I know that audio queue for sure.

Seems DBM has added some sound files to the loading screens which I’m told can be turned off via a setting in DBM. Since, I’ve only heard a handful of these so far, I’ll see if I can stand it but then again I’m on the Beta more than live these days so it probably won’t be much of an issue.

No, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO! – XT
Simple fools! Time is the fire in which you’ll burn! – Prince Malchezaar
Oww, you… you…infuriate me! – Lord Rhyolith
Suffer, mortals, as your pathetic magic betrays you! – Sindragosa

Although I did get a game crash as soon as I jumped into the tonk for my daily. Playing on the wireless sure didn’t do me any favours for  the number of tickets I needed, but I was pretty tired though.

The other ones I’ve noticed so far:

I did check my armory profile in case they decided to do something there too but didn’t see anything. I didn’t think too much about the jokes this year until I saw the Warcraft Pets one. But then again, wouldn’t you want Blizzard putting most of their effort into Mists? From what I’ve seen on the beta, I haven’t been disappointed with the content or scenery. Well, the female Pandaren do tilt their head a bit too much for my liking, but as long as all the bugs get worked out, I’m really looking forward to playing Mists on live servers.

Anyone notice anything else today?

Wisdom of Ages

If you’ve had the Beta a while you may have done this quest already. But for those of you who haven’t, feel free to read on.

Today, I was up to the quest Wisdom of the Ages. Basically it’s a quest where you have to talk to Loremaster Cho while maintaining a meditative state while he hits you on the head. Not at all distracting, right? You maintain the balance by hitting the left or right arrow on your bar which sometimes takes a second or two before you see the bar going in the other direction. If the bar reaches either side, you fail.

So after receiving the quest, I saw there was a huge line going towards the quest giver I needed. At first I thought it was a bit funny there was a line for anything in this game. I mean, how often is it do you see a civilised line of anything in WOW, unless it’s a Congo line, maybe.

But anyway, I thought I was seeing things or it was just part of a phased quest but then I realised they were all queuing for the guy I needed. So off I went to the back of the line. Probably 20 toons or so back at the time. But then I thought, why are we all waiting in line when you can just talk to the NPC to complete the quest. Little did I know that when I went up to talk to him, I entered a phasing scenario where I actually had to do something. The last two meditation quests simply required just a short cut scene. I told Coolidge that I was able to start it and he followed. However, I managed to fail the first two tries. It was only after I came back out that I saw someone saying my name in the chat, not to do the quest.

This is where I found the purpose of the line. It seemed that if two people tried to do the quest at the same time, the quest would bug for the other person. While I realised this was happening, Coolidge had already gone into his phase and after what seemed like a minute, came out and said he was done (I think after 2 attempts). At the same time, I felt bad for pushing in, so I decided to go back to the end of the line (a little further back than before, mind you) and waited.

Waiting, waiting…

Jokes were made and the Druid in front of me kept trying to invite me to group and asking me to mount him. No thank you, I’m not that easy…

After about two hours, I finally found myself at the front of the line. This made me a little apprehensive as there were such a lot of people behind me it would have been embarrassing to fail over and over. This happened to quite a few people ahead of me, as well as the odd person who would jump the queue and muck up the quest for someone else.

However, if you do fail and it bugs out for you, don’t worry about abandoning the quest. It doesn’t mark the quest as failed. Just try it again by talking to Cho. Also, some have said that they bugged out while phased and couldn’t move while Cho despawned. If that’s the case, just eject yourself from the vehicle.

So there I was at the front of the line, when I heard the guy in front of me say “Done. Your turn”. In I went, hitting my left and right buttons, hearing him hit me with something that sounded like nuts on my head. The bar almost got close the the RHS at one stage and I think I squealed once or twice. A little after that I saw some critters or something coming in to watch, like some bizarre ‘fairy circle‘ thing. This is when I knew I was on the home stretch. I didn’t dare take my eyes off that blue bar so I relied on my peripheral vision to see what was happening around me.

Thankfully I got it first go. Phew!

Next was a similar quest which was a little harder, at least that’s what Coolidge told me. Great! >.< So off I went to the Cairn of Scale (in the middle of the lake) to do the next part of the chain. I started it by clicking on the vase on the ground. It started ok with no-one around me, at least until one of the monkey people swam out from the lake and started poking me with a stick. He also had a few things to say but I took no notice of him.

As time went on, there were no critters to come and watch but a crocodile who came out of the water. Luckily for me, he proceeded to eat the Chieftain. Well better him than me I guess. Had a couple of close calls with this one but managed to get it first go too.

I was so relieved after that, I went back over to where I had left Coolidge and found the line even longer than before… Poor saps.

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