Badlands Rares

Badlands is the scorched zone, home of the Earthen, Dark Iron Dwarves and Goblins in Fuselight-by-the-Sea; as well as the instance Uldaman. Remember when you had to go inside to level up your enchanting? This required some pre-planning by bringing  all the mats you needed, otherwise you’ll be making another trip in there.

The area has two notable chains: The Day Deathwing Died, and the sad tale of the dragon Rhea, Don’t forget about the ram punting quest that also grants you an achievement: Ready, Set, Goat! Using the Billy Goat Blaster or the Billy Goat Blaster DX, blast 12 Billy Goats in under 1 minute.

I remember seeing this rare years ago but was never able to find it again before now.

Pre Cata - Funnily enough, he was not considered a rare back then

There's a rumble in my tummy

Old look

Pre Cata - you would find him in stealth in several spots

This little bugger killed me the first time. Beware of the close mobs around him.

This rare has been described as the Fel Reaver of Badlands

Pre Cata - "Zaricotl seems much calmer now that it has eaten the remains of (player name)"


No longer in the game

This rare used to drop the Shovelphlange’s Mining Axe and the Expert Goldminer’s Helmet

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