Four Days Later

It’s been a few days so I feel the need to write about what’s been happening in the guild. A while back, I wrote about one problem after another trying to recruit people, particularly for our raids. We’ve had a number of duds who left for one reason or another, as well as a few who were just what we were looking for in a guild member. It’s just a shame we had so many things stacked against us.

It’s hard to establish yourselves on a realm where the majority play Alliance, especially when there’s only ~1000 Horde on your server. The result is a pretty limited recruitment pool so unless you’ve been around for a while or have a good history with a lot of people, it’s not really going to get you far. It’s also easy to badmouth a person from the comfort of your own home but when you’re face to face, they appear introverted. I can name a handful of people from my old Guild who will only see things from their point of view and how it affects them but even when the truth is stated, they dismiss it.

I envy the couples who can do things out of the game. They can share a meal, walk the dog, spend leisurely evenings away from the computer. My partner and I don’t have that luxury as we’re on different sides of the world. We do rely on a computer whether we are on the game or not so it’s only natural we want to enjoy the time we spend online. This includes the reason we left our last guild. People still have misconceptions about why we left but after hearing how some of the higher ranked people felt about Coolidge leaving, I just didn’t feel comfortable staying so I left too. A couple of people understood because they know the kind of people we are and in my mind, that’s all that matters.

Fast forward to now and what’s been been happening in our guild.

Last weekend, we started the raid on normal, planing to give Heroic Morchok a few attempts until it was clear we had to switch it back to normal.  We also had plans of giving Heroic Yor a few goes too. I had all my research and notes ready for the fight but in the end didn’t even attempt it. For starters, we didn’t have a full group because we’ve had several people disappear without a word while others have given us notice of their intentions to leave. I don’t have an issue with the latter but we let everyone know we would be calling off raids sometime in the future due the constant hardships with recruiting and numbers for raids.

icon-deflated-90The last straw came after clearing Dragon Soul on Saturday. Our only rogue (towards the last leg of his legendary chain) sent a PM stating that he was leaving the guild. This was after we specifically said we were willing to continue the raids until he had finished his chain. I was excited we would finally have a legendary achievement to show for the guild as our mage never got to finish his staff.

It’s hard when you only raid two days a week and have to continuously spend time getting to know each other after a fairly frequent turnover. It took several months just to get enough guildies for the raid requirement each week. Everyone in the guild knew how hard we had it for months and then having to find extra people every single week was a struggle. Even on our first Madness kill, we were waiting around for an hour before a friend of mine logged in and stepped in with his tank. At this stage of the game, one person leaving can be devastating when it’s already such a struggle to get a raid going. I would have loved to see the guild achievement pop for the rogue legendaries as he wouldn’t have gotten them without guild effort. Everyone there deserved to see it, especially the ones who had been there from day one. When this person first enquired about the guild, he knew he would be the only one up for the daggers and was elated when we told him this. I just didn’t think he would use us to do most of the legwork.

One of my guildies told me not to let the selfish actions of a few individuals ruin what is still an enjoyable game. I couldn’t agree more with that, although at the time it was more like the last nail in the coffin of a guild that started with such great memories. Now it was something I just wanted to forget. I feel this guild (or at least, this latest re-emergence of it) is such a failure now, I just want to leave it all behind. After this person left, I sent out a mass email telling everyone that the guild and raids were no more. I wished everyone luck and told them I needed a new start (as did Coolidge). I had not decided whether this would be a server change or character change but just knew I wanted to be somewhat anonymous for a while.

In saying this, I will look forward to and focus on all the positives of the game. There is still so much I enjoy and would love to share. I look forward to trying out the beta and all that Mists has to offer. However, there are a couple of people in the guild I will miss. They know who they are and for that I thank them for their friendship and effort to help make the guild what it was, however long it lasted.


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March 30, 2012 at 1:17 am

Such a tough turn of events! The guild I have been part of for six years now is down to a die-hard six or eight people, from a high point of over 100. We too suspended raiding back in January (and had not actually filled a raid since November), and the remaining members are struggling to find a reason to log on each night.

I think your story is all too common right now. It isn’t your fault, it isn’t the fault of a few fickle people who wander off just when they are needed, and it isn’t really even Blizzard’s fault. This is just what happens when people feel like they have done all there is to do in a game – or any other hobby – and feel compelled to find a new diversion.

This is just human nature. We want exciting, we want mysterious. Sticking around for the heroic Deathmaw kill achievement does not really deliver on that desire. I mean, how is it different from the heroic Rag or Ony, or whatever other end dungeon boss? A flair here and there, but the whole raiding model is stale. I myself could live out the rest of my life without stepping in to another raid. They just are not exciting any more. They are dull, tedious, arbitrary, meticulous and repetitive.

So, our guilds need to find a new reason. WoW is a game of veteran players, so being a group of newbs banding together to learn and grow is out. Raiding – bleh. Do we band together to share transmog secrets? A guild of fashion design! I don’t really have an answer. Obviously, something about being connoiseurs of the game – detailed and experienced – should bring people together. But what that will be, with Mists of Pandaria, I cannot say.

Good luck, you are seeing the same thing as thousands of other people. Writing and sharing is a great way to pass ideas back and forth while we all look for a solution. I wish you were US, because we could use you!

March 30, 2012 at 4:11 am

Oh, I’m sorry Cym. I hope things work out. I look forward to reading your posts and hope they continue through Mists and beyond. Geez, I sound like Buzz Lightyear there.

March 30, 2012 at 10:08 am

I’m sorry to hear that Cym, and I know we’ve talked about it and I’m glad you got it out so people will know.

    March 31, 2012 at 12:59 pm

    @Bond – Thx for the comment.

    @Ancient – LOL, Thx Tome, I really needed a laugh.

    @Navimie – Yep, just in case people didn’t get their notifications from the mass PM’s via their email.

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