Rats, Turtles and Pinchy, Oh My!

Rats, Turtles and Pinchy, Oh My!

This week’s shared topic over at Blog Azeroth was suggested by Martha from Martha.net. I admit I haven’t done too many of these in the past but this topic involved something I can relate to; especially when you get so many awesome things from it.

Fishing is an odd sort of mini-game in WoW and people I’ve talked to either love it or hate it. So what’s your take on the most grindy of sports?

If you love it: Why? Where’s your favourite spot to go drop a line and veg while waiting for a strike?

If not: Why not? What would make it more fun? Or is there a way to make fishing fun?

And lastly, for those of you with hard-won turtles and rats and lobsters ‘o doom—show ‘em off! :D (Because I’m proud of my stupid rat and darned if I’m not going to sneak my own screenshot in.)

Who said you cannot fish underwater?

I admit that I do like to focus on all my professions when an expansion rolls around, even the secondary ones. In fact, I’ve maxed out on all the secondary professions and I wouldn’t mind levelling up a third primary profession if it were possible, but I won’t hold my breath on that one.

Fishing is not a profession I love to level but I do like the things they bring to the table like gathering fish for buff food, not to mention the pets and mounts they offer. I’ve been lucky enough to get all the fishable ones to date. Remember when it took so many casts to level each point? It sure was a grind… My proudest accomplishment would have to be when I achieved the Salty achievement. For this reason it’s my title of choice.

In BC, it took a total of FIVE Mr Pinchys before I managed to get the Magical Crawdad. Boy was I glad that grind was over. I had spent countless hours, night after night in Skettis and surrounding areas fishing up pools for this. Although the other wishes were quite fun.

Read on for the full list:

  • Summon a level 70 non-elite guardian which assists you in battle for 10 minutes.
  • Gift box with 5 Super Healing Potions and 5 Super Mana Potions.
  • Magical Crawdad Box containing a Magical Crawdad non-combat pet.
  • Mr. Pinchy’s Blessing: Health increased by 1200. This effect persists through death and is considered a flask. 2 hour duration.
  • Furious Mr. Pinchy: Level 70 non-elite attacks you and your party. Has 5560 HP, with 3155 Mana.

The Giant Sewer Rat in Dalaran took quite a bit of effort. I spent a few weeks on and off trying to farm that huge thing down in the sewers. In fact, I remember Coolidge being sweet as he planned on fishing the rat up to give me later as a surprise. That is until he managed to get it after ~15mins of fishing himself. Of course, it was only then he realised that the pet was BoP. But it’s the thought that counts, right?

Urg! Ironforge

Heading into Ironforge for that damn fish was one I always dreaded. I mean, first of all, you had to head into enemy territory. Not only that, but head into the heart of their major city. Being on a US server, I usually went in either via tram or the front gate, expecting a death or two until I reached my fishing spot. In hindsight, I should have checked the Shattrath Fishing Daily beforehand as it just so happened that the daily happened to be for the crocolisk. This happened at least once or twice. Those were the days where you could lie down in the back of Forlorn Cavern and fish, with titles turned off to draw the least attention to yourself. A few times I would fish until 2 or 3am in the morning, spending up to 5 or 6 hours at a time.

Sometimes Coolidge would keep me company helping me get in there and staying until he went to bed. On one occasion, I went AFK for a few minutes and when I came back I saw he had the achievement in chat. My initial response was “…” mostly because he doesn’t really care for these things but he was nice enough to hang around and keep me company quite often. Thankfully, the Alliance would usually leave me alone when doing this, although some would come close enough to wave, etc. Most people just went about their business which was much appreciated. I would often give Alliance the same courteous behaviour in Org as I knew exactly what they went through.

The fishing Daily outside Shattrath, offers a whopping four crocolisk pets from the ‘Bag of Fishing Treasures’ – Chuck, Snarly, Toothy and Muckbreath. The drop rate on these were so crappy back then. I only had one or two of the crocolisks until the end of the expansion. That’s when they changed the drop rate to 50%, provided of course the right daily was up.

When it was time to fish for the turtle, I had tried several times to get the mount. I remember the day I got it, riding to the lake, I psyched myself up to spend the next few hours fishing when on my first cast, I got it! Definitely my luckiest drop out of all them.

This little guy is tiny and sometimes blows bubbles when idle

The Northrend version of the fishing daily in Dalaran. I can’t remember if it took a long time to get this one but since I was religiously doing the daily anyway it really wasn’t an issue. There was also a chance to get four different (blue quality) fishing poles in the ‘Bag of Shiny rewards’. Some people preferred the other poles from rep but I liked the uniqueness of these other ones.

Sneaking in to see Nessy with Coolidge and my Sea Pony

The latest pet I’ve managed to acquire is the Sea Pony, fished off Darkmoon Faire Island. Since I heard the drop rate was high during the first day or so, I wanted to get in on the act in case they decided to hotfix it before I could get it. So on the first night, after fishing in various spots for 45mins I managed to get it just fishing in open water. Woot!

I don’t normally have a certain spot I like to fish as there’s always a reason for why I’m fishing, be it a pet, particular fish or pool for an achievement.

Mog Madness – Round Two

Mog Madness – Round Two

After successfully making it to Round Two of Mog Madness, I was interested to see what the next round entailed.

Mog Madnesss Round Two:

  • When: March 26th – March 30th (judging results revealed April 1st)
  • Who: Our remaining 20 participants.
  • How: Send an e-mail with your screenshot(s) to arcanewordsmith@gmail.com or post your entry on the Round Two Mog Madness page of Amateur Azerothian, Tome of the Ancients, or Effraeti’s RP.
  • Mog Requirement: The first round we gave Priests, Warlocks, and Mages our love.  Now, we’re moving on to the wild.  The classes are limited to either a Hunter or a Druid and your outfit must be based on using either  Marrowstrike or Glaive of the Pit (same skin).

Sadly, I didn’t have either of these items so I’ve had to use some creative sources outside of the game. At first I tried using Transmogger but I wasn’t able to use the shirt I wanted so I ended up using WoWHead instead. As such, I used a few backgrounds for comparison.

I decided to use the deep blue from the weapon to base the colour of the whole outfit and used the gold from the polearm to tie in the chest, belt and shoulders. The goggles I used just for their ‘cool’ factor. ;P

Head: Mechanized Snow Goggles
Shoulder: Conqueror’s Scourgestalker Spaulders
Shirt: Master Builder’s Shirt
Chest: Golden Links of Restoration
Waist: Bloodthirsty Gladiator’s Links of Accuracy
Legs: Frozen Forest Kilt
Hands: Conqueror’s Scourgestalker Handguards
Feet: Star-Strider Boots
Weapon Marrowstrike

If you’d like to find out more about this great Mog Contest, go to Amateur Azerothian, Tome of the Ancients, or Effraeti’s RP to follow the five rounds. I’m very happy to announce that I made the top five! Woot!

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