There comes a time in every expansion when people get burnt out from the game or stop playing for one reason or another. A lot of guilds seem to be taking a leave of absence from raiding at this stage of the x-pac. This is nothing new, it’s happened ever since I can remember, especially this late in the expansion.

Over the last few months, countless Guilds and bloggers I follow have written about this. Vidyala wrote about it a few months ago, more recently Jaded Alt, Glowbie, Navimie and Dragonray too. I spoke about the difficulties of recruiting in my Twisted Nether interview last weekend as well as to numerous people in the Guild and out.

Coolidge and I rebuilt this Guild in August last year. Since then, we’ve been on a constant recruitment drive trying to get enough people for 10 modes. We’ve always been a small Guild and will always be one. Although I’ve found if you come from a large Guild mentality, then you can either adapt or not like the atmosphere in a small Guild as people tend to do their own thing or may infrequently get on. Some of the people in this Guild have their mains and alts here, while others only have their alts who they use to raid with us on the weekends. I think that is part of the problem though. How can we expect them to be more social in the Guild when they have their mains in another. However, there is one exception to the rule and I honestly think he’s a mutation or something as he’s as active in the Guild as anyone else who only has an alt or two in ours. <3 Az

On a  more personal note though, we started quite late in FL. In fact, when a lot of Guilds were already doing Heroics, when we were just starting. Sure Cool and I had some experience in FL, in fact, the group I was in was close to getting the first boss down just before I left the Guild due to certain circumstances which had arisen.

But the fact of the matter is, I love being in a small Guild, although sometimes it’s just easier being a number in a large Guild. On the other hand, you don’t have to be in a large Guild to be social; there’s a certain intimacy you get when you know everybody well but in some ways, you also have to like each other as it’s hard to avoid someone who rubs you the wrong way day in and day out.

There have been two of those in our Guild. When the problems start to out-way the positives, something has to be done. There were numerous tells about these two but when the annoyances start to be felt in the duel leadership what other choice is there?

The problem atm is having to constantly recruit over the last seven months. There were weeks when we had enough Guildies on to get Guild credit for the first raid boss or even our first official Rag kill. But they were intermittent and all too fleeting. We had the few who were constant and reliable and the few who would join and then leave on a whim.

Having to worry about filling numbers week after week can really suck the fun out of the game. But it’s a responsibility the Co-leader and I have bore over half a year now. Truth be told, I’ve felt this way for a while now. I haven’t really been getting on as much of late as the efforts to recruit are just so draining. Especially when there’s not much to show for it. We’ve used several avenues for recruitment to no avail – three different Blizzard forums, MMO-Champion forums, Twisted Nether, trade chat, Guild finder and even a few SoR.

Today, Cool and I both felt that things aren’t going to be improving any time soon, especially with the release of the beta. I will say that the people who have left the Guild for one reason or another was for the best; but that certainly doesn’t include the ones who were well liked but have stopped playing. We will still welcome the latter with a welcome smile and open arms.

So we put it to the Guild today, that we might be halting the Raids soon, although we are willing to keep going until Jabs finishes his legendary chain (as he’s 4 weeks off from it). The news was given before our regular raid today and even after bringing in another player from our ex-guild, there were a lot of silly errors from multiple people. This meant converting the raid back to normal for Morchok, as it just wasn’t happening otherwise. It also rang true that some of the DPS is too low for Heroics and I think that’s another thing that’s hurting us right now. But we have to deal with what we have.

We have a list of names/friends we can call on to help out with a day or two but they are not willing to join the Guild. At the end of the day we need numbers but we’re not going to get it with people only wanting to come for the raid spot and not the Guild.

All I can say right now is that I’m really looking forward to playing Mists and taking my time levelling with Coolidge, exploring the new areas and experiencing everything MoP has to offer. If that means LFR when the time comes then so be it. Hopefully by then some of the fun will be injected back into the game for me and I’ll feel reinvigorated.

Here’s hoping…

Fronkle the Disturbed

If you’ve visited Land’s End Beach in Tanaris lately, you might have seen this rare standing on the nose of a crashed plane. I’d have to say he’s the most amusing rare in the entire zone, especially since he wasn’t around prior to Cataclysm. You may remember the area when completing the quest Cuergo’s Gold, after piecing the three map fragments to create [Cuergo's Treasure Map]

This map shows a stretch of beach with a southern face. Below the map are words, elegantly written…

South of Wheedle
South of home
Find a mast and flag and bones
Dig you there, if you be bold
Dig and claim Cuergo’s gold!
A key you’ll need and a key you’ll see
The men you face take blood as fee.

It appears that Fronkle has gone mad since crashing on this otherwise abandoned coastline; unless you count the numerous turtles and crabs in the area. From time to time, he’ll repeat a handful of lines and blink around if he senses someone close by. In fact, he broke my stealth as I got quite close trying to take some screenshots of him. At first I thought I must have miss-clicked the stealth button when I observed it was actually on CD. I thought it was a bit weird but just re-stealthed and took my screenshots when he blinked over to Coolidge in stealth and broke his shapeshift too.

I managed to catch most of his dialogue, but here’s the full list.

Fronkle the Disturbed says: Dive! Dive! Dive! (/point)
Fronkle the Disturbed says: Veer left! (/cheer)
Fronkle the Disturbed says: Look out for that turtle! (/yell)
Fronkle the Disturbed says: My name ISN’T FRONKLE! (/cry)
Fronkle the Disturbed says: I’ll have the Kickin’ Chimeroak Chops, extra kick! (/say)

He displays typical Mage abilities like Arcane Blast, Arcane Explosion, Arcane Missiles, Blink and Slow.

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