Thousand Needles Rares

Thousand Needles has become a flooded zone post-Shattering, with it’s numerous towering sandstone mesas found throughout the area. Heading towards Tanaris, the Shimmering Flats was a large, dry lake bed pre Cata. This dried-out salt flat was actually below sea level and the location of the world famous Mirage Racetrack, where fellow gnomes and goblins would race their rocket cars to finally settle the question of which race has better engineering. These days you’ll find the remaining NPCs on Fizzle and Pozzik’s Speedbarge. A few quests into the area and you’ll even get your own river boat.



This rare used to be in the back of the cave, but was called the Silithid Ravager back then.





Ironically, I had old shots of all these rares which don’t seem to have changed in their design but my picture taking skills had a lot to be desired back then. Plus, their levels were often sub-par so here they are again :)

This rare is no longer in the game although I'm told he is now part of a quest

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