Westfall Rares

Westfall always reminded me of the quest to help Old Blanchy, except now you find the horse has died and the NPC based on Horatio Crane from CSI Miami fame who states that the cart fared better than the horse.

I used to love the Captain Sanders quest chain which led me on the treasure hunt for my favourite shirt in the game. Farming rares in the area the other day, the map dropped within the first 5 or so murloc kills. I don’t know if they’ve improved the drop rate on this but Cool and I were both able to loot the item which was exciting… at least for me. The other major change to the area involves a lot more tornadoes, thanks to the trickster Al’akir – the most amusing part is randomly seeing goretusks getting punted in the air.

I love the new skins on all the murlocs these days, very slick ;P

Pre Cata - Not sure if he was just happy to see us or having a spaz attack

Voltros 10

I would have thought I had a pic of this guy early on but I think that was before I started taking screenshots

He looks the same as his pre Cata days

Foe Reaper 4000-12

Previously L20, he can spawn in several of the farms around the place


This guy has not moved at all

Sargeant Brashclaw-13

Previously L18, he still looks the same post Cata


One of two rare murlocs along the coast, previously L19

The Deadmines

Brainwashed Noble

Marisa du'Paige

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